Friday, 25 November 2016

5 Things I Hate About Twitter

1. The Scheduled Tweets
I'm not saying that having scheduled tweets is a bad thing. I have them too. I'm not even saying that people who post what I would consider way-too-many scheduled tweets are a bad thing, it's their own choice. But what I DO really dislike is the fact that sometimes, despite the amount of people I follow, that my feed is literally nothing but scheduled tweets. I can't stand it! I browse through and want to see something, anything, to be able to interact with and instead my feed is just constant links to new posts. Generally, ones that I've already read anyway. I do wish there was a way to sometimes be able to filter these out and just see the genuine posts.

2. The Automated Direct Tweets
I really hate it when I add someone, and then a few minutes later have a direct message pop up from them thanking me for following them and advertising their blog or their instagram or whatever else to me. I would go as far as to say that it generally makes me want to unfollow them out of annoyance. Don't send these! Nobody wants these! It just annoys people and you will not get any extra views out of it!

3. The Snapchat Tweets
By these, I mean tweets that link you over to something or reference something that you have to actually download or sign up to before you can view. I don't mind ones that link you over to Instagram or sites like that where you're still able to view the content even if you're not a member. But I really dislike the ones that talk about something fun that has just been posted on SnapChat, that I then can't view. I get the point, you're wanting to get some more followers over on these other mediums - but I find them so frustrating! I don't want to download SnapChat, but I DO want to see the bloggermail that you're talking about. If you're going to reference it on twitter, maybe at least post a picture or two on there as well?

4. The Watchalong Tweets
I feel a bit grumpy complaining about this one, because I totally get why it happens. By this one I basically mean when a popular TV show is on and everybody tweets along about it. Really, this falls under the same as my first point; it completely takes over my twitter feed and I can't find anything else on there and wish I could filter it out. Most the time it's about a program I'm not interested in and so don't care to read about, and at other times it's about programs I DO watch, but due to the fact I work shifts won't be getting to until some point next day. I swear 98% of the time I will switch on to twitter and immediately read some kind of spoiler.

5. The Favouritism Tweets
There are some bloggers on Twitter who will basically only reply to a certain group of friends of theirs, and that really frustrates me to see. I'm not talking the absolutely enormous bloggers - of course Zoella can't be expected to reply to everyone, that would be completely unrealistic. But I hate when I see certain bloggers reply purely to the same few people over and over again and completely ignore other people who are tweeting them. It's not hard to send them a quick reply or even just to like their comment to show you've at least acknowledged it.

That's the five things I hate about twitter! What are yours? And of course, if you'd like to follow me you can do so here!

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