Wednesday, 23 November 2016

A Review of my new Rose Gold iPhone 7

I recently had a truly awful week at work. I had to finish late every single day, I missed all of my plans for the week that I'd really been looking forward to, and to top it all off, I managed to get my head cut open leaving me with a wonderful looking scar on my head that the doctor helpfully told me made me look a bit like Harry Potter. Brilliant.

As a result of this and the fact that my renewal date was only a few days away anyway, I decided to go a bit heavy on the shopping impulse purchase side of things to make myself feel a little bit better, and went and got myself a new rose gold iPhone 7.

 I suppose the first thing we should do is talk about my past history of buying apple products shouldn't we?

Okay, easy.

There isn't one. I owned a classic iPod about ten years ago. I owned a bright pink iPod mini about two years after that. And, uh, that's it. I wanted the first iPhone, but it was too expensive and I couldn't justify it. And since then, I've owned no apple products whatsoever. So as such, I won't be able to compare this phone to any previous iPhones or anything along those lines, but I can at least give you a comparison based on years of buying android products.

 I went with the rose gold model. It's subtle but pretty and I'm really happy with the design of the phone as a whole. I've loved my last few phones (for comparison, my last three phones were an HTC Desire, HTC One, and HTC One M8 in that order) but there definitely is something very attractive about this phone and the way that it handles and feels.

I was surprised by this as I've never much liked the look of them before and thought they look pretty dull, but when you're using them more frequently they really do have a good feel to them. Anyway, you all know what iPhones look like as they all look exactly the same so I won't bother putting any more about that down here!

 I've been really happy with the camera on this phone. It takes really beautiful photos, and I will say it definitely takes better photos than any of my previous phones have - and I AM someone who takes a lot of photos so this is quite an important factor to me. Although it does this live photo thing that I just think is really creepy - basically when you slide through your photos it shows about a second of movement on each one which actually just looks scary and I don't get why anyone would have ever thought that that was a good idea!

I really like the way this phone organises my photos. I like that it learns who people are and puts them into their own photo albums, and I like the memories feature as every now and then it will make a little video with some of my past photos. In particular it made one of the previous few months, one just of Chris, and one of my trip to America. At the moment it's hilarious because it will always put one really out of place photo somewhere in the middle that we keep just because it makes it so funny. For example - a lovely one of Chris, with a sudden one in the middle that we took at the hospital of me with my head cut open. Wonderful. Thanks phone. I do like this feature though, it's simple but it makes me happy whenever I see that I have a new memory there.

 I do really like the screen on this phone. It's bright and pretty and it really is much more beautiful than I expected it to be. I have liked android phones because of how much customisation I could do and obviously I can't do anywhere near as much on the iPhone, but despite this I actually still really like it. It sort of just works.

 In terms of apps, it's hard to compare. The games are more or less the same on both. The apps are more or less the same on both, though I will say that for the apps that are slightly different on each one, in every case so far I have preferred the Android version. That doesn't make the apple version BAD, it just means the Android version was better. I say this having waited over a month to review this phone as I wanted to fully give it a chance and make sure I wasn't just commenting with the preferences of what I was already used to - I've had plenty of time to adjust to the new apps and I feel the android ones just tend to be that little bit better.

We all know the apple store is more restricted than the android one is, and sometimes that is disappointing. I'd say it's easier to find new ones through android.

 I have however now discovered apple music, which I really enjoy. Prior to this I've been a subscriber to Spotify Premium for a good six years now, and apple music is just plain better. I like the selections and choices it gives me and the fact that it's just that little bit more personalised.

The battery life on this phone is also really good. It gets me through the day with no risk of it running out and some days it's still on about 50% at the end if I haven't been using it too much. However I do have to be fair on this - I think the battery life is much improved from my previous phone, but in fairness, it was two years old and of course the battery life has gone down since I first bought it.

 As mentioned above, I would say the camera quality on this phone is the best of any phone I have owned. I am not a selfie fan, but the front camera is miles ahead. In terms of the general picture quality, this phone wins as well - however when it comes to watching videos on youtube and things like that I don't notice any difference at all. When it comes to sound, my last few phones are much better - however it does need to be stated that my last four phones have all been HTC phones which place a large emphasis on their sound quality and they really are much better when it comes to music or video sound. That being said though, I would say the quality of in-call sound is better on the iPhone, which is interesting.

As for all this drama over the headphone issue? I've got no problems with it. The box comes with a little attachment so that you can plug your normal earphones into it so I've been doing exactly that. It does look a bit silly as it's a completely different colour to my own earphone wires, but I imagine if you use the apple ones you won't even notice the difference. It's no real problem anyway. Either way, I keep mine attached to my earphones at all times so when it comes to wanting to use them I just plug them in same as I would any other time. I don't use my earphones for anything other than listening to music on my phone anyway so it's not like I'm constantly adjusting them.

There you have it! I've owned this phone for about six weeks now and I really like it. This was an impulse purchase I thought I'd regret, but I'm actually really happy with this phone and it's much better than I thought it would be. I'm not saying that I'm a complete apple convert - when my two years are up I have no plans of immediately just buying the next iPhone, instead I'll do what I always do and just see which my personal preference is. In all honestly, as much as I am enjoying this phone, I tend to like to change to a model that is different. Though my last phones have all been HTC, each phone has still had a different design to it due to their own customisation and the newer android models, and I like that each phone I have has felt brand new and completely different. I feel like upgrading to whatever the newer iPhone is will just feel like using a slightly faster version of the exact same phone and that doesn't appeal to me so much, so we'll have to see what happens there.

I bought my iPhone 7 from Carphone Warehouse, here, or buy it from apple themselves here!

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