Wednesday, 2 November 2016

An Anniversary Dinner at Sky Garden restaurant, Fenchurch

Myself and Chris recently celebrated our half anniversary. This is of course our six month anniversary, and the general reaction I've gotten from people I've told is that it's a bit of a weird anniversary to be celebrating. For us though, it makes perfect sense. We didn't really think we'd make it this far, and on top of that, our actual anniversary is more or less the exact same date as my birthday, so this way we get an extra celebration out of it too without anything having to overshadow each other.

I chose to take him to Fenchurch Restaurant, up in the Sky Garden. There's two main reasons for this; the first is that I've been up there before to visit the Darwin Brasserie and thought it was fantastic, and so for a long time I've been wanting to try out the other restaurant. The second is that for one of our first dates Chris suggested we head up to the Sky Garden, not realising that actually, you have to book quite a bit in advance to go there in general.

For this review I'm mostly just posting about the restaurant itself and not the garden - though I'll link in with my old post featuring the garden itself! As for this one we went during the evening, it was a bit too difficult to get any additional planty pictures to share with you guys.

 Firstly - hoorah! I love a place that actually bothers with a bit of Autumn theming, which sadly seems to have been neglected this year.

When we initially booked this restaurant, I was excited about the fact that they do a set menu on Mondays. It meant it would be much cheaper for us, obviously, and also makes it easier to choose. When we got there, they told us that they don't do it for dinner, only for lunch - and now that I'm checking it to find the details of everything I ordered for you, this is true. However I'm absolutely convinced that this wasn't the case at the time, as of the three tables next to us, two of them also asked about the exact same offer so we can't all have read the same thing wrong. Either way, we didn't have any choice anymore and so went with the a la carte menu.

Before your meal starts - and throughout! - you are consistently offered breads. There were three to choose from and we both enjoyed all three. However, in my case, I possibly accepted far too many of them and was pretty full by the time my main turned up!

For starters, I went with the fish, of course - whilst Chris opted for the peach and heritage tomatoes. We loved the presentation of both and both were delicious. The fish was so tasty and had so many flavours to it, whilst Chris's salad was equally surprising. He was adamant that the addition of the peach wouldn't work, but he was very happy with the end taste.

For the mains, I had the Norfolk chicken with sweetcorn, mushrooms and madeira. I really enjoyed this and the chicken was absolutely delicious, but I did feel like it had gone a bit overkill with the sweetcorn and Chris ended up having to help me finish it. Chris chose the lamb with courgette, basil and artichokes and maintains that it was the best lamb he had ever eaten. He is very fussy when it comes to meats but proclaimed that he had never had anything so good, so if that's not a recommendation for you then I don't know what is!

 We opted not to go with desserts, but we still got these lovely mousses! These were absolutely delicious and had such a strong taste to them. The texture is completely different to how you expect them to be but they are so so good. It made us wish we'd had desserts afterall!
 The view is of course fantastic, and SkyGarden remains my second highest ranking high up restaurant - unfortunately, Duck & Waffle maintains my leaderboard position. The garden itself is still great to wonder around as well. If the view is what you're after then you will have a better time in the Darwin Brasserie which actually has a better view, however for overall restaurant experience and food I would recommend Fenchurch.
If you'd like to try it out yourself, make sure you book in advance, here!

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