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Hotel Chocolat's Christmas Range - 2016

Hotel Chocolat
For me, there are three things I look forward to each Christmas when it comes to the shopping side of things. They are the Hotel Chocolat Christmas range, the Body Shop Christmas range, and getting some good deals on some Lush bath bombs in the boxing day sales. So, OBVIOUSLY I was excited when Hotel Chocolat asked if I'd like to try out some of their Christmas products this year - of course I will!

 The products I chose this year are the Classic Christmas sleekster and the Christmas Baubles.

Hotel Chocolat baubles
 First up, we've got the Baubles. These baubles cost £7.50 and come in three different flavours; dark, white, and caramel. These are a lovely, cute design and I really like the packaging that they come in. I actually think it's a shame they don't genuinely make them as baubles that I can hang on my tree, although my underfloor heating may have different ideas about how great a choice that would be!

 They come in a slim but pretty box, and I think these would make a great present choice for a Secret Santa or as a little gift for someone you don't know all that well so don't want to spend too much on - but do still want to impress! Or, y'know, for yourself, because why not?!

 As you'd expect from Hotel Chocolat, these little baubles are absolutely delicious. I'd planned on sharing these with my boyfriend over a movie tonight, but I've decided that actually, maybe I'll just keep these a secret from him so that I get to enjoy them all. They are well filled and great quality and make a really lovely little treat.

 If you'd like to buy your own little box, they are available here for £7.50!

Next up we've got the Classic Christmas Sleekster, available for £22.50. I'm a big fan of the Sleeksters that Hotel Chocolat sell and normally end up buying one of these or an H-Box for gifts throughout the year. Although last year I went with the Winter ones rather than the Christmas ones, it looks like Hotel Chocolat have really upped their game with these ones this year. The design is simple but pretty and they are a really good size for the price.

 As you can see, the menu is lovely and festive. And, y'know, that one in the middle is called a Caramel Supernova, so how could I not want to start eating them all immediately? The traditional Christmas flavours of mulled wine and mince pie brownies are all there alongside little dark chocolate penguins, white chocolat reindeers, and your milk chocolate Santa and Christmas trees. I am also happy to see there are slightly less alcoholic chocolates this year - I really hate chocolate with lots of alcohol in and so this one is much more my sort of thing.

 Who would I buy this box for? Well, anyone, really. There are so many different chocolates in this box that as long as the person you're buying this for likes chocolate even a little bit, they will be happy with this selection. I think these are particularly well suited for someone with a family as you've got a big range of chocolates including the festive shapes which will appeal to the smaller ones too! The Christmas Sleekster is available here for £22.50.

Hotel Chocolat classic Christmas sleekster
I am a very, very long term fan of Hotel Chocolat and have never kept that fact a secret. I think they make the best quality chocolates with the best variety of fillings and tastes, and as usual their Christmas collection does not fail to disappoint. You can view the entire Christmas range here! There's a lot to look through, and if you're still not too sure, my personal recommendations aside from the above two choices would be the Truffle Tree, the Jolly Santa, the Winter Puddings H-Box which was the box I bought as a gift for the most people last year, the Penguin Selfie, and the Dozen Portly Penguins - which was the personal favourite I got for myself last year.

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