Friday, 11 November 2016

November's Blog Spotlight Post

001. Hayley's post on whether or not beauty advent calendars have been overdone. This post came in a particularly good time as I'm busy looking at all the calendars available whilst also sorta aware that I kinda regretted getting one last year.
002. Katy's helpful post on using google analytics to grow your blog.
003. Kelly's really interesting post all about instagram bots. This is a longer read but really interesting and useful!
004. Hannah's post on things that our generation was the last to experience.
005. Emma's post on why "just do what you love," is terrible career advice.
006. Sammy's post on why she gave daily blogging a try - and why she won't be doing it again.
007. Corinne's post on how she managed to raise her DA.
008. Katy's post on her Autumn visit to Kew Gardens.
009. Amanda's post on what to do when visiting the German Christmas markets - great timing, as we're going next month! :-)
010. Amber's post on why you probably won't get rich through blogging.
011. Carrie's post all about Halloween at Disney World. I LOVE DisneyWorld and I LOVE Halloween but have never combined the two - but now I really want to!
012. Holly's post on five things she hates about blogging.

Which posts did you enjoy the most?


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