Friday, 18 November 2016

Some of My Favourite Instagrammers - Part 2

 First up I'm featuring Ana-Alexander of @rhymeswithcoffee. I love this account because it includes all sorts of photos that don't necessarily stick to a theme but all end up being really beautiful. I love seeing snippets of her daily life and seeing ordinary things that for some reason just look so much better when she posts about them! Expect lots of beautiful architecture, classic cars, food and flowers!

 Next up is Kelsey of @abalancingpeach. Kelsey posts lovely images that just make me feel all relaxed and at peace with the world. It's hard to explain, so you'll just have to go and take a look at her feed yourself. Somehow, all her pictures, regardless of what they are, just make me feel all sorts of calm. Expect to see lots of pretty landscapes, pictures of herself in pretty hats, and interior design.

Next up is Katy, of @misskatyenglish. Katy likes to stick to a theme when it comes to her Instagram, which does make it look all nice and flowy when you're just sliding on through. Right now, her posts are really Autumnal which just makes me want to buy all of the pumpkins and go on a trip to Kew Gardens. Expect images of flat lay food spreads and London landscapes!

 Next is Wendy, of @thankfifi. She posts a variety of different pictures but with a bit of an orangey tone to them which always makes me feel all warm to look at. Expect pictures of fashion, houses, and interiors!

And finally this time around, we've got @lichipan. A bit opposite to the above feed, this account is full of colder tones which I just love. I am a big fan of winter and cooler places and so I love to see these pretty tones. Expect icey tones and lots of beautiful food flatlays!

If you've enjoyed this post, why not go and read part one to find five more of my favourites? And don't forget you can follow me too, over at @pinkconfettiuk.

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