Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Why Daily Blogging Isn't For Me

The majority of the bloggers that I follow are not daily bloggers, but a few of them are and this is something that absolutely amazes me - especially because in the majority of those cases, their daily blogs are so good that I STILL read them every single day.

However, daily blogging? Not something I could ever do, and here's why.

  1. I have a hard enough time sticking to my three times a week schedule at times. I schedule all my posts, and more often than not I find myself very quickly writing all my posts for the week in one sitting because I feel like I HAVE to, even though I'm sure the vast majority of people wouldn't notice if I missed a day.
  2. I write my ideas down in advance. Sometimes it's really difficult of me to think of ideas for even two weeks away. And normally, by the time it gets to the point that I need to write these, I don't even like the idea anymore and end up having to change it. 
  3. I just don't think I'd have enough ideas to write daily content! I work too many hours to get up to much else these days!
  4. Right now, while blogging is sometimes a massive hassle, it still remains fun. I think daily blogging would take out the entirety of the fun aspect for me.
  5. I live in a flat with a lot of outside light, and despite that I'm STILL currently limited to how often I can take photos thanks to how quickly it gets dark and depressing at the moment. This is fine at the moment as I can take my product photographs as and when - if I went daily, I'd run out of photos incredibly quickly.
  6. I wouldn't want the pressure. This isn't my job. My job already gives me enough stress.
  7. I already feel bad when I miss a day. If this was every single day? I'd probably be feeling bad an awful lot.
  8. I need to be spending more time on my partner, and my friends.
  9. And right now, I need to be spending more time on MYSELF, as well. This is an odd thing to say because actually my blog IS a time when I can express my thoughts, but I still need some time away from everything.
  10. I don't work normal hours. I'm already often feeling slightly out of touch with social media as I'm just not around on twitter when everyone else is. This would feel even worse if I was to try to do it every day.

Those are my reasons - how about yours? Are you a daily blogger? Do you think you could be?


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