Friday, 16 December 2016

December's Blog Spotlight Post

001. Amanda wrote a post all about what you should do at a German Christmas market. I have literally just come back from Germany myself, and of course I followed some of Amanda's advice whilst there!

002. Erin has been posting all sorts of cute baby posts since having her little one, but I particularly liked this post which looks at how she chose the name for her new daughter. Plus it contains some really adorable pictures of her baby!

003. I've already posted my review of Urban Decay's Full Spectrum palette - well, Hayley's post is probably the one that made me decide to buy it in the first place!

004. Martha made this interesting post all about what she learned at her Marie Claire internship.

005. Rosie is currently studying to be a midwife and so posts all sorts of interesting posts about that - but I particularly liked this one, which looks at her first time 'catching' a baby!

006. Joanne has given her blog a reboot - and this post looks at the process and how it's worked out for her so far!

007. Hannah has completed another wonderful list post - this time looking at the 36 amazing things that our generation was the last to experience.

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