Monday, 12 December 2016

Road Trip Part 10; San Francisco

 If there was a place that I was really looking forward to visiting to on my trip, it was San Francisco.

San Francisco represented so many amazing things to me. Beautiful, colourful houses. Avocado on EVERYTHING. The home of all sorts of amazing brands and companies.

San Francisco skyscrapers
 And, as you approach San Francisco, there are definitely signs of this all beginning to happen. The houses start to be sloped, and the advertisements start to change from an abnormal amount of billboards advertising various lawyers into ones offering you advice and courses on beginning your own start-up.
San Francisco

San Francisco

San Francisco fire engine

San Francisco

San Francisco brunch stop

A San Francisco brunch - avocado and toast
 The avocado on everything? Definitely a thing. A thing that I was very happy about and took full advantage of. We had some fantastic brunches here, and being San Francisco, everything appeared to be organic and healthy. We all loved it and we all took great advantage of this. Some places were REALLY expensive, but ultimately we don't regret how much we spent on food as it was absolutely delicious and well worth the money.
San Francisco

 I was quite disappointed by SF's China Town. For some reason I had really high expectations that just weren't met at all. I don't know why but I'd expected it to be bigger and have more to look at and admire, when in reality there really wasn't much of anything. We browsed some of the other shopping areas though and loved the variety. It also took us quite a long time to get over the amazement that San Francisco had a Westfield shopping centre. We really need to get out more...

San Francisco

San Francisco
 Our plans in San Francisco involved a very heavy amount of walking. We drew a route on a map that covered everything we wanted to see, as well as random strolls down random areas just because. San Francisco IS a very walkable city. It's definitely doable if you want to do it too, however please make sure you remember that some of those slopes really are steep. Towards the end we really were getting fed up with having to constantly climb, but it's a beautiful place and will provide you with plenty of views to help distract you.

It's also probably a lot colder than you're expecting it to be. By the end, I'd given in and bought a tourist hoodie to wear over my dress as we had all started shivering!
San Francisco

San Francisco Saks

San Francisco

San Francisco hills

San Francisco colourful houses
 The beautiful houses that I'd anticipated seeing? Really were beautiful. I loved them. Chris was disappointed as he had expected them to be more colourful and more extravagant, but I really liked them exactly how they were. San Francisco is a very pretty city, you can walk around and find all sorts of lovely things to look at and the architecture and design is definitely something I really appreciated. Admittedly, I too expected there to be much more colourful areas - but I still really liked what I saw.

San Francisco colourful house

San Francisco colourful house

San Francisco

San Francisco yellow house

San Francisco tram lines

San Francisco

San Francisco bakery tour
 We went and did a bakery tour, just because. We happened to be passing and were hungry, and as such we ended up inside learning about how the bakery worked and how the unique sourdough bread was made. We all found this more interesting than we'd expected, especially considering we'd literally only gone to take a look because we wanted to eat the bread samples. The bread, by the way, really is delicious and well worth giving a try, and even if you don't want to do the tour the bread actually isn't that expensive at all!

San Francisco sourdough bread - teddies and other shapes

Of course we ended up in the touristy bits too, as I really wanted to go and see the seals. We timed it a bit badly as the sun was going down which meant it was hard to take good pictures of them, and it also meant that it was absolutely freezing!

I really enjoyed San Francisco, and though it wasn't quite how I imagined it would be it was still a city that I really liked and would definitely return to. We stayed outside of San Francisco and drove in as the city really is very expensive to stay in, and it's not at all car friendly if you're driving - It wasn't a problem getting in and out though and we managed to find parking without too much problem, although it was pricey.

Have you ever been to SF?

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