Wednesday, 14 December 2016

Road Trip Part 11; Morro Bay, and a Couple of Extras

Pumpkin farm
As my final picture post to our road trip around the west coast, I thought I'd show you a couple of extra places we visited along the way.

Pumpkin farm
 First of all - the pumpkin farms! I loved these. I didn't even know they were really a thing and yet they were on such a ridiculously massive scale. I LOVED suddenly seeing fields full of orange that was just nothing but thousands and thousands of pumpkins. They made me so happy for reasons I can't even explain!

Clouds along the coast
 You may have noticed in my last past that I don't have any pictures of  the Golden Gate bridge. That's because I only saw about a quarter of it, and then it remained hidden for the rest of the day. We drove down the coast, and literally, this was our view the entire way.


Clouds along the coast
 Also, guys, if you're ever going to attempt to drive down the coast, FILL UP YOUR CAR. Yes, it's really expensive. But it gets even more expensive the further into the middle you go. We very very nearly ran out of petrol because it was so expensive that we thought it just had to get cheaper. It didn't. The petrol stations get even further apart and the ones that are there are absolutely extortionate. We very nearly ran out of petrol but luckily came across a station probably minutes before we would have been in a lot of trouble - and paid $14 per gallon for it. Also, if you have a SatNav that tells you petrol stations, please also note that it lies when it comes to this road. Do not rely on it! There are signs at the petrol stations that tell you how far it is to the next one. As they are just small little local ones we assumed that they were lying to us in order to get more trade - they are not, the SatNav is, don't listen to it!

 We passed this random beach which had lots of sealions on it and some volunteers there to tell you about them. This was a really random stop, I saw a photo of a sealion and asked to follow the sign. I wasn't ACTUALLY expecting to find a bay full of them. I loved watching them though, they're such silly animals and SO LOUD. And so so lazy.

 We also passed this creepy town where there were literally hundreds of scarecrows throughout the town. It made me think of Stars Hollow a little bit, but in a really creepy variant.

Scary scarecrows

 Our final stop was Morro Bay, which I don't really have any pictures of as again, the fog followed us the entire way down. We know there were boats, we know there were otters, but we couldn't really see any of these things and definitely not well enough to get photos of. However, the people here were great and we ate some of the best food here as well.

And that is the end of our road trip! For Chris's trip to America, he saw a lot - and even myself and Max who have been to America plenty of times, we had so many new experiences. From the deserts of Joshua Tree and Death Valley, the cities of Scottsdale and San Francisco, the national parks of Zion and Yosemite and the sheer weirdness of places like Vegas, we did so much in the two weeks that we were here. It was a fantastic trip, and I plan to return to some of these stops again at a later point!

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