Wednesday, 18 January 2017

An Accessorize & Primark Mini Haul!

I don't know WHAT has happened within my sock drawer lately, but all of  a sudden all of my socks seem to have plotted together and decided that they're all just going to self combust. Really. I went from having about 40 pairs of weird and wonderful socks, then in the space of about two weeks the majority of them suddenly had holes in them, completely out of nowhere.

Luckily, Accessorize happened to have a sale on at about the same time all this madness was going on, and so I popped down to top up my sock collection!

Following this, I headed on over to Primark.

I think most of you guys know this, but I work shifts. This brings many many problems with it, but it DOES mean that I get to go shopping when it's not too busy. And in particular, this is good for Primark - I've tried to go in there a few times over the last few weeks but with everyone on holiday it's been an absolute nightmare and I just can't deal with how ridiculously crowded it gets in there!

I'm really glad I finally managed a trip though, as their new range has some really nice pieces. In particular they've got loads of active wear which I think is really pretty - the only reason I didn't get any was because I couldn't find a single top and bottom combo where both pieces were in my size :-( But I think I'll check back when they've been out a little longer as the pieces were really nice. They also have lots of Disney wear including a couple of really nice Minnie Mouse prints - they're not quite my style as they're all absolutely massive which doesn't suit my shape at all, but I'm hoping if I check back in a few weeks they'll have brought in a few more things as the collection definitely looks to have potential.

 The first thing that I bought was this bag which I believe was £12. I've just had a clear out of some of my older bags that are falling apart slightly or that I just haven't used in forever, so this has been a nice replacement. It's a really pretty bag that has been getting a lot of compliments from my colleagues already, and as well as that it's nice and big and you can really fit a lot inside of it. The only thing I've found to be annoying about this bag is that the fabric it is made out of is quite a loud one - meaning quite often I get an item inside at an odd angle and then have to hear it BOOM BOOM BOOMing against the bag until I get annoyed and reshuffle everything!

 I also got these pretty floral sandals. Obviously the complete wrong time of year to buy them, especially as it's not like I'm planning on going on holiday anytime soon, but they were really pretty and I couldn't resist - I just hope I remember I've got them when it does come to the right time to wear them!

 Next up I got this bright vest top. It's a simple fit with a really vibrant pattern to it - but it's a lot more flattering than I expected it to be. Again, this is going to be more of a holiday top, but I can see myself getting a lot of wear out of this one.

 Next up was this blouse, which I am in love with. I don't have to wear smart clothing very often, but when I do I like to pick prints like this. Yes, I tend to stand out and look a bit ridiculous wearing it in a sea of white and peach, but I feel much more comfortable wearing something with a print to it - plain colours just aren't me, and if I have to wear something smart then I'm going to make sure I still feel confident in it! If you're the same as me but aren't too sure on this print then have no fear, they had quite a few vibrant tops like this one.

And lastly, though I was unsuccessful with the gym wear as a whole, I did come across this three pack of socks which is absolutely perfect. For some reason my smaller socks keep vanishing so I needed some new pairs anyway, but I'm glad I came across these ones as I really like the design and the colours. Another good factor with these ones is that they're a bit padded as well, making them more comfortable to run, cycle or just plain walk in!

What are your favourite pieces? Have you checked out Primark's new styles yet?

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