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Hotel Chocolat; The Salted Caramel Collection review

Hotel Chocolat: The Salted Caramel Collection
One of the Christmas presents I was most pleased to receive was this lovely little gift box from Hotel Chocolat! I post about Hotel Chocolat's goodies on here quite a lot, but not nearly as much as I actually spend eating them. I was therefore really pleased to receive The Salted Caramel Collection as a present as it's from a range I've not actually tried before. I'm a big fan of the selector packs they do and the salted caramel version is actually probably my favourite, so I was really pleased to give this box a go.

Hotel Chocolat: The Salted Caramel Collection
 Here it is - and what a welcoming looking mix this is! Aside from the caramel cheesecake selector which has popped up in a few regular boxes, I'd not actually tried any of the goodies in this so I was excited to give it a go. I buy a lot from HC, but normally just the ordinary boxes or the slabs so I was intrigued to try out some of their other ranges.And believe me - this box has been well and truly tested!

Hotel Chocolat Salted Caramel Chocolate Puddles
First up, we've got these Salted Caramel Chocolate Puddles. I have to say I was just a little bit disappointed with these. They're still really good, but I was expecting a stronger taste from them. The caramel flavour isn't all that prominent in these, but they are still perfectly yummy and a bigger size than you're expecting too!

Hotel Chocolat caramel cheesecake selector
 Next up were the caramel cheescakes. I've had these in boxes before and remembered them fondly, however the taste was actually even better than I remembered! These have a lovely texture and a good variety of flavours to them, which meant we accidentally finished them all in one sitting. Oops.

Hotel Chocolat salted caramel and pecan chocolate spread
 Next up was the salted caramel & pecan chocolate spread. I'd certainly never tried anything like this before aside from the ordinary supermarket brands and so I had really high expectations - I am pleased to say, they were met! This stuff is absolutely delicious. When you put it on your toast or whatever else it's not got all that strong a taste as it blends quite nicely with the flavours of whatever you're putting it on. But if you eat it straight off a knife? Absolutely amazing! I REALLY liked this and got through it far quicker than I'd like to admit, so I think I'll be buying some more and giving their hazelnut spread a go as well.

Hotel Chocolat salted caramel cocoa vodka
 Next up is the salted caramel cocoa vodka. Until receiving this I had absolutely no idea that Hotel Chocolat made vodka, so this was an interesting discovery. We don't drink often, but as it was Christmas we decided to try this out after dinner.

Hotel Chocolat salted caramel drinking chocolate
 Next up is the salted caramel drinking chocolate - the one part of the box I haven't demolished yet! Also the only one I can't find on the website for some reason. I do enjoy hot chocolate, but don't like hot drinks - I know, that doesn't make any sense to me either. Basically, it's only something I drink when the moment seems right, so though I really really want to get started on this one the right time hasn't quite come around yet. I'm sure it will soon!

Hotel Chocolat salted caramel shortbread cookie
 Lastly was this salted caramel shortbread cookie. This was a nice little one to start with or to eat quickly before dinner as it's a nice little snack. I'd not tried a HC cookie before, but if they released a biscuit box I would definitely be purchasing it!

Hotel Chocolat: The Salted Caramel Collection

Hotel Chocolat: The Salted Caramel Collection
Overall, I thought this was a brilliant little box that really made my Christmas - not least because of how much of it I managed to eat on the day! It's got a really great variety of products in it, including plenty that I'd never tried before, and is definitely one that I'd rercommend either as a gift to a friend or as something to yourself if you want to try out some more of what Hotel Chocolat has to offer! The box costs £25 and I would definitely consider it to be worth the money.

What's your favourite Hotel Chocolat product?

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