Friday, 13 January 2017

January's Blog Spotlight Post

January has brought with it 13 wonderful blog posts this month! This month, by coincidence, most of the posts that I loved were travel posts - and as such have been great for either having me reminice on old trips or think of new places to add to my list in the future. I've definitely had some inspiration from these and am now considering places that weren't even on my radar before!

As always, I hope you find a post you're interested in reading and maybe even someone new to follow!

001. Rachel posted all about making her first Jo Malone purchase - something that I am actually still yet to do! I absolutely love their fragrances and very nearly indulged in their advent calendar last month, so I am sure my time is soon to come. Perhaps this year?

002. I loved this post all about Heathrow's Cathay Pacific first class lounge. I've only been in a lounge the once and that was purely because I was upgraded so got it thrown in for free - but I LOVED it, and whenever I have a connecting flight that I've left ages in between because I don't trust the airline I wish I'd booked myself a space.

003. Sara posted all about her trip to South Africa, Lesotho, Swaziland and Zimbabwe. Of these countries, the only two I've visited myself are South Africa and Zimbabwe - I wasn't a fan of SA but really loved Zimbabwe, so it's brought back some nice memories of my visit there.

004. Tolly posted all about growing up as a teen blogger. Reading this post made me feel like I've been reading blogs for slightly too long, as I've definitely been reading her blog since she was 13 which sounds ridiculous now! Either way, an interesting read.

005. Jaina posted about December's Period Box - and I REALLY need to get one of these. I've been contemplating one for a while but wanted to wait until I'd moved house. I love reading posts about subscription boxes, and it's a bit strange to me that this month a box based around periods is the one that held the most interest to me, but there you go!

006. Angie posted all about her top hotels of the year, and I felt jealously like I never have before! I've never really done a luxury hotel as I'm more of a fan of fitting in as much as I possibly can rather than staying somewhere nice. I'm totally inspired by this post though and plan on giving a little bit of luxury a go this year!

007. Amber posted about dealing with miscarriages, and I sort of feel like there's no real comment I can add to this one - but go and check it out for yourself for a lesser posted topic.

008. Yaya and Lloyd compiled a list of 12 of the best hiking routes in California - and as someone who has done many of them, I can only agree!

009. Erin posted a two month update on world's most adorable baby, Aurora!

010. Anu went to a Jane Iredale blogger event, and it looked absolutely amazing.

011. Rachel had some suggestions on the 5 ways to prepare your blog for 2017!

012. Katy had some tips for how to make your dinners at home special - and I LOVED these ideas. We are definitely guilty of always eating at home in front of the TV or in bed (I know, I know) so I suggested to Chris that we follow some of these tips when we're in the new place and he was very much in agreement!

013. Amanda took a trip to Russia and WOW is it beautiful! Russia's not a place that has ever held much interest to me aside from the intrigue of places like Siberia, but this post has definitely made it one to consider for me in the future.

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