Friday, 27 January 2017

Life Lately; A Little Life Update

I just wanted to make a little post so that my readers are aware of what's been going on with me lately, and why I might not be quite as active as I usually am.

I've actually been surprised with myself at how well I've been keeping my blog up to date, but social media interaction has pretty much fallen off the radar completely - although I'm still replying to things on there, finding the time to do updates myself or take part in chats is really lacking at the moment.

A few weeks ago now, I left my previous job. I no longer work for the emergency services, and this is something that I thought I would really regret but actually I'm completely okay with it. I've always kept my exact role I little bit under the radar while I worked there, but I was a police officer. I did enjoy it, but my work life balance had completely gone. I do not mind shift work, because I knew going in that that was what I was signing up for. However, I did mind constantly having my shifts changed. It's already hard to make plans with people when you work shifts - it's even harder when you're constantly getting your early shifts changed to late ones with about two days notice, having shifts extended with no warning and no indication of when you're actually going to be finishing, and having your rest days cancelled - especially when they are being cancelled for things that rostering DEFINITELY knew was going to be happening at least a year in advance and probably could have thought a bit more about! Really the only thing that makes me sad about leaving is that I never quite made it to CID (although I did make it into investigations, despite their best efforts to constantly take me out of it again...!) and that I had a lot of friends there that I really enjoyed talking to. But that's that.

As always, deliberately obscure with what my new role is, but let's say I work somewhere in the transport industry, still on a shift basis. And that will be fine. The shifts are actually a lot better. That's not going to be an issue. However, right now I''m in training, and that most definitely is sucking. It is quite interesting but it's also very challenging, and there's a lot of exams with a very high pass mark. Which, unfortunately, means most nights are spent doing nothing but revising because there are exams nearly every day and I'm struggling to take it all in as I'm not good with learning technical things or remembering the words for various mechanical whatevers.

It might be better for me when I've been doing it for a few weeks, as I'll have more base knowledge. I'll also be used to having to revise to this level again, as it's been a very long time for me since I've had to do quite so much learning and my brain just isn't used to it! I was never that good at exams anyway. So I'm hoping in a few weeks, I'll be back to normal.

If not, I've got about two months left of training, and after that I will definitely be able to be much more active again.

On top of all this, the moving house thing is nearly there, so that's obviously a stress. Especially when we're going from fully furnished to non furnished and will need to be buying all that and getting all that sorted. I'd normally be really excited about that, but it's not an ideal time and it's stressful enough normally let alone when I don't have TIME to be stressed!

So what I'm saying is, please bear with me - I'll be about as much as possible, and worst case scenario I'll be back to normal within two months.

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