Monday, 2 January 2017

My 2017 Goals: Blogging & Lifestyle. And, How Did I Do in 2016?!

Last year was the first year I'd set any blogging goals for myself, and the first year I'd decided to post some lifestyle ones as well. I'd initially planned on checking up on these throughout the year but it never quite felt right to do so. Well, that and the year went a lot faster than I'd planned and was a lot more stressful than I'd expected - but I've got a more detailed post coming up on all that so I'll save that til then!

In the meantime, let's take a look at how I did on my 2016 goals...

Take part in more twitter chats - Nope. Nope nope nope. I really did put effort into this at the start of the year and managed to keep it up pretty consistently. And then, well, I stopped. Which was ironic, as for the last few months my work rota has actually been much friendlier and it would have been much easier than usual. But, well, I just didn't want to. It seemed that every chat I joined in with was one with a topic that I just felt was really overdone and was a chat I'd already done 50 times before. I know they aren't all like that, but it just really put me off from taking part in many more than usual.

Reach 1500 followers on twitter - I was actually REALLY close on this one. At time of writing, I have made it to 1,406 which was actually way more than I expected. When I started this goal I was on 800 followers, and I have a real love/hate relationship with twitter so I wasn't sure how well it would go. So I didn't quite make my target, but I'm really pleased with this amount.

Reach 1000 followers on bloglovin - Another goal I did not meet, but actually I am again much closer than I expected to be! I made it to 881 followers. This is more than I expected as I really struggle to get followers on bloglovin. However, I do see that this a complaint that pretty much every blogger has, so I guess it's not just me. And you can follow me here, if you want to ;)

Have more blogging friends - I didn't quite achieve this in the way that I expected to, and yet I still feel I completed this one. I've met a few people who aren't bloggers, but who follow my blog. Which is still a bit odd to me, but it's been a great way of connecting with people I didn't necessarily expect to. I have also found some more people that I chat with more often on twitter and that's been great too, it's a form of media that I find it quite difficult to connect with people on and so I'm counting this one as being ticked off.

Continue posting consistently for the whole year - So, I didn't manage complete consistency. But I also didn't expect to. I didn't disappear for a month, and I consider that a success!

Go to the gym at least twice a week - Hahahahahahaha. No. This didn't happen.

Keep at least one day free every two weeks for nothing at all - This didn't really happen either. But I am okay with that. I found some people that I really quite like spending time with, and spending time with them relaxes me in the way that I thought that day off each year would do. So, y'know, never mind.

Cook at least twice a month - This hasn't really happened. HOWEVER, this is largely to blame on the uncertainty of moving. I don't want to buy lots of things, only to then move flat. So this is on hold, but it will happen! Probably.

Okay, with them out of the way, let's begin my 2017 goals...

  • Reach 2500 followers on twitter.. I feel like this is realistic, and yet at the same time I also feel like maybe it really isn't,
  • Reach 1200 followers on bloglovin. Clearly I have lower expectations this year!
  • Reach 1000 followers on instagram. I have no idea how maintainable this one is.
  • Continue to build up some good connections on twitter
  • To find a new method of planning that actually works for me

  • To cook something healthy at least twice a month. Once I've moved flat, because I feel any expectation of that happening before that is just really not going to work.
  • To enjoy my work. There's something more on this later, so I'm not going to expand too much just yet.
  • To make more of an effort to see certain friends more often. Some really good friends of mine got married or had babies over the last two years and I basically don't see them anymore, so I want to kinda force that along a little.
  • To read more often again.
  • To go exploring and keep up my London walks again - I think I failed completely and did maybe one this year, I miss it.

What are your goals for the year?


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