Friday, 20 January 2017

Some of my Favourite Instagrammers - Part 3

 First up we've got Johanna of @beautelicieuse who posts these amazing, beautiful photos. She posts such a variety of photos that it's actually better if you just go and take a look yourself as I can't even begin to describe them all to you!

 Next up is Marie of @papaya_sunshine and her beautiful food photography. She posts wonderful photos of a whole variety of yummy and wholesome looking foods - including lots of chocolate and delicious looking thick smoothies!

 I've mentioned before that I follow a slightly absurd amount of hedgehogs on instagram. I think when I've mentioned it in the past people have assumed that I'm joking, but no, I really do follow a silly amount of hedgehogs. To the extent that my feed is primarily pictures of hedgehogs and flat lays with some random other things dotted about! However, my favourite hedgehog is @Mr.Pokee who is just the most adorable thing!

 Next up is Catherine, of who is a bit different to most of the instagrams I follow these days as her feed is super girly! I find her pictures to be so pretty and I love looking at all the goodies she posts about. Expect lots of sweet treats and pastel pinks and lots and lots of pretty things!

My final inclusion for you today is Ray Ray, of @rymondtn, who posts the cutest looking food and milkshakes. I ADORE these little lollies and want to eat basically everything I see on here - although most of it is too cute, so I'm not sure if I could bring myself to!

So that was a few more of my favourites - and I've got many still left to show you! If you'd like to see the rest of those I've posted so far, take a look at this page where they will all be linked from. And of course, you can always go and follow me too :-)

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