Wednesday, 4 January 2017

The Travel Destinations I Most Want To Go To; 2017 edition!

Anyone who knows me at all knows that I love to travel, and that I have been known to get particularly antsy if I go too long without visiting anywhere!

This year has become a bit more of a challenge, as now have Chris to accompany me as well. I've always been a solo traveller, and oddly have always ended up dating other people who also prefer to head out independently. Chris, however, is not an experienced traveller and had pretty much all his first travel experiences last year with me. He's been expressing much more of an interest in seeing more things and wants to accompany me where possible, and so I think at least half of my trips have to start incorporating him which is definitely not what I'm used to! However, this year has also become much simpler as I'm getting a payrise, meaning I can spend more on going abroad without feeling a little bit guilty or silly about it.

With that being said, here's my 2017 list of the travel destinations I most want to go to! Some are cities, some are countries. Some are places that I hope to go to this year or next, and some are ones that I haven't quite pinpointed the exact time yet! They are also in no particular order, as my mind changes so often on which one I want to be the next goal!

001. St Lucia // A Caribbean Cruise
This one is actually really a double goal, as we'd like to go on a Caribbean cruise. I'm not a fan of water travel in general and I get very sea sick, but I'd really like to try going on a cruise on one of the most ridiculously oversized cruise ships - basically, one of the Royal Caribbean boats big enough to have their own park and fun fair would really suit me quite nicely. The Caribbean makes the most sense to go to if you want to go on a massive boat and so that will most likely be the destination - couple this with the fact that I already really want to go to St Lucia so need to pick an itinerary that includes there and you've got what will most likely be able to happen next year!

002. Copenhagen
I feel like 2016 was the year that basically everyone went to Copenhagen, however I was not one of them! I've been really intrigued by all the pretty houses and the vibe that seems to be prevalent there though, and so I'd really love to take a visit myself. I'm thinking a short trip there this year will be a definite!

003. Cinque Terre
As many of you will already know, I used to live in Italy. Whilst there, the little towns of Cinque Terre were one of the places I really wanted to go to, however I never quite had enough time to make it over to them. I'd really love to go and visit them and do the famous cliffside walks, and I think 2017 has the space to fit them in. If not, I think they're a definite for next year but I hope I can fit them in this year!

004. Costa Rica
I have said many times that Ecuador was my all time favourite trip, and whilst there I met quite a few people who'd also gone on to Peru and Costa Rica and loved them. Peru is another country that will one day make it on to this list as I've long been intrigued, but Costa Rica is the one that's really drawing me in this year. I don't have my holiday dates for this year yet but I'm REALLY hoping I can fit a solo trip there in this year - if not, I think it'll happen next year! I miss cloud forests and exotic birds and I've never been to Central America so am really keen to go and check this place out!

005. Alaska
Alaska is a state that both me and Chris really want to visit, which of course makes it a little harder to fit in. I don't think this is a trip that can be done when you're short on time, and when you're working two shift workers patterns around it it't even harder to make it work out - however, I really hope we get to make it here next year! We both love our natural parks and our hiking, and there's so much in Alaska that I want to go and see.

006. Bali
Bali has been hovering on my list for the last few years - sadly, particularly inspired by a season of America's Next Top Model! That was the first place I really became aware of Bali and did my research from there on to try and find out all about it. It seems like a beautiful place with a lot to explore and experience. I don't quite know when we'll make it here - it was originally part of the plan for this year but has had to be moved already, but hopefully it will have it's time soon.

007. Disney World
In a way, it's a bit strange that this one has popped up so far down my list as this destination is the one that we are almost guaranteed to be going to this year - hoorah! Provided our holiday dates line up and noting mad happens, we'll be heading out here later this year and I'm so excited. I've waned to return for a long time and it's Chris's dream to visit this wonderful land so I know it will be an amazing trip. It's the only destination on my list that I've actually already been to, about five years ago now, but I seriously cannot wait to go back. I visited Disney Land in California two years ago now and I thought that that would get rid of some of the desire but if anything it's just made my urges to go back even stronger!

008. Hawaii
Whilst other people decide to visit Hawaii based on the beautiful sandy beaches and palm trees, I've wanted to go ever since I first watched Lost. Hawaii is one of those destinations that I keep almost going to, but never quite managing. I don't think this year is going to be the one for Hawaii, but I really hope it happens soon. I'm not typically attracted to destinations like this, bu there's something about Hawaii that really keeps my interest!

009. Oslo
Oslo is another place that I keep almost going to, but never quite making it to. Whenever I end up with unexpected time off at work, Oslo is the place that I keep heavily leaning towards as flights out there tend to be cheap, however I never feel like I have enough time to fully appreciate the area. I'm not the sort of person who likes to stay in one place at all, and I'd really like to go and explore much more of Norway than just Oslo and so I'm constantly put off from going. However, this year I really feel like I'll finally be ticking it off!

010. Japan
Japan has been on my list for the longest time, and in all honesty is the one place on my list that I actually do doubt I'll ever make it to. It's SO expensive, and I've wanted to go for so long but a place that is this expensive and with so many different areas that I want to visit really needs more time than I can currently dedicate to it. But one day I hope to visit this land of such massive variety and really experience all that it has to offer.

SO, that's my 2017 list of travel goals! What would be on yours?

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