Friday, 3 February 2017

21 Fashion Favourites; February 2017!

After my happiness of how many amazing fashion pieces I found last month, perhaps I just came in too optimistic this month as I was really struggling for items to feature and was actually thinking I may have to abandon this topic this month as there just wasn't enough that I wanted to include. Activewear is very much the name of the game this month around, and unfortunately I'm just not feeling very inspired by any of it - most of it is just very bland and not at all my style. However, Quiz managed to come in this month and well and truly steal the show with a huge variety of beautiful dresses - so Quiz will most definitely be the first store I'm heading into come pay day this month! Take a look at my favourite findings and see which ones you like the most.

First up, we have Quiz with some lovely evening dresses that are SO much cheaper than you'd expect them to be.These are beautiful, mature pieces that will be perfect for an evening out when you need something classy without being too over the top. My personal favourite is the one on the right, though all three are very tempting.

QUIZ: Rio Print Courts £29.99
QUIZ: Cream And Pink Floral Bubble Midi Dress £24.99
QUIZ: Cream Floral Print Crossover Hem Top £22.99

For my next selection of Quiz goodies, I've gone for those that are a little bit brighter. First up we have a lovely Rio print pair of shoes, followed by a beautiful dress and top. The dress is absolutely gorgeous and I wanted to go straight out to buy my own - unfortunately, it doesn't come in my size :-( If it did, I'd already be holding one!

QUIZ: Cream Floral Print High Neck Dress £59.99
RIVER ISLAND: Nude Ruched Wrap Bardot Crop Top £24
RIVER ISLAND: Black Floral Print Frill Wrap Top £30

The final Quiz piece is another pretty dress that I think is a bit more versatile than the others. It's also the most expensive item I've featured this time around and a little bit over my normal price budget of £50, but I thought this one was pretty enough that it was still worth being included. This is followed by two River Island tops!

ACCESSORIZE: Cactus Pendant Necklace £6
ACCESSORIZE: Charmy Stretch Bracelet Pack £8
ACCESSORIZE: Bird Trinket Tray £8

Moving on to Accessorize next, here's my three accessory picks for the month. I think this little cactus necklace is adorable - I love necklaces with more unusual characters to them, my dinosaur necklace is the one I wear the most followed by my cupcake one, and I think this one will make a neat little addition. The trinket tray at the end isn't quite fashion, though you could use it to keep some of your favourite earrings on.

APRICOT: Navy & Stone Stripe Print Double Layered Long Sleeved Top £23
APRICOT: White Floral Embroidered Shoulder T-Shirt £20
APRICOT: Stone Crochet Butterfly Fine Knit Jumper £30

Apricot have LOADS of lovely tops this month, but I've narrowed it down to these three. If they aren't quite your style I'd still recommend taking a look, particularly if you like longer shirts or layered shirts as they have loads in different colours. However, the middle top is my favourite as I don't own many clothes that are casual but a little bit simpler, and I think this top could really do the trick.

NEW LOOK: Black Floral Print Short Sleeve Dress £14.99
NEW LOOK: Blue Floral Embroidered Mom Jeans £29.99
OASIS: Essential Striped Knit £35

Finally this month, we've got two from New Look and one from Oasis. I really like the Oasis jumper - I'm a big fan of stripes and colours and I really don't own enough jumpers, so this is a great pick for me!


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