Monday, 13 February 2017

A Review of The Body Shop's Colour Crush Nail Polishes - Winter Colours!

The Body Shop Colour Crush nail polishes - Winter Trend
As most of you will already know by now, I started a new job about a month ago. Now being out of the police comes with the unexpected benefit that I can FINALLY, for the first time in four years, wear nail polish again!

This perhaps seems like a silly thing to get excited about to many of you as nail polish is such an ordinary thing, however it's something that I really missed. I'm often far too lazy to spend time doing make up at all, but nail polish is something that I can do once and will last me about a week until I get bored with it and decide to redo it. And even more than that, I am a compulsive nail picker. I don't even realise I am doing it most of the time. You can tell whenever I am stressed or fed up with anything as you'll look down and all my nails have vanished again (definitely happening a lot frequently with all this moving stuff..) but having them painted manages to greatly hinder me from doing that as I don't want to ruin them when they're looking so pretty and the brighter colours mean I'm more likely to notice what I'm doing! I was therefore very pleased when I realised I could start wearing the stuff again and so very quickly headed over to The Body Shop to give some of their colours a go.

The Body Shop Colour Crush nail polishes - Winter Trend
 I chose these colours as they were nice, darker Wintery ones. It seems silly, but wearing something bright and neon which would have always been my taste before just didn't seem quite appropriate - I wanted something that better represented the seasons, and these really ticked that box. Plus, even better - at the time I purchased these they were all on sale, so were just £2.50 each!

The Body Shop Colour Crush nail polishes - Winter Trend
 I was a little worried about purchasing these as the reviews I read about the nail varnishes really weren't all that positive for the most part. There were a lot of complaints about the products requiring a lot of layers to dry and not being long lasting at all. I decided to go for it anyway - I own quite a few Body Shop products and I don't have a single complaint about any of them, and so figured I'd at least give them a shot.

The Body Shop Colour Crush nail polishes - Winter Trend

The Body Shop Colour Crush nail polishes - Winter Trend
From left to right, we have Caring Caramel, Mad About Blue, Minty Amour (which, by the way, is pretty much the nicest colour in the world. I LOVE the colour of this. If you're inspired to go and buy just one colour from the range, make it this one!) Big Smoke and Blue Abyss. As the name of Blue Abyss may suggest to you, it doesn't come out quite as black as it looks in this photo. It IS a very dark colour, but when it's on your fingers you can see the blue highlights to it.

The Body Shop Colour Crush nail polishes - Caring Caramel
As stated above, Minty Amour is an incredibly beautiful colour which I wear at every chance I get, but I'm pretty pleased with all of the colours that I purchased. I will say that I find Caring Caramel is not all that great to apply - this is the only one that I will say genuinely does take quite a few layers before the colour looks right, and even then I'm not all that fond of it.

The Body Shop Colour Crush nail polishes - Blue Abyss
 In terms of how good the quality is, I would say that the reviews were far more negative than they needed to be. The brushes aren't as good as other brushes I've used in the past (which I suppose DOES say a lot when you consider it really has been about four years since I've been able to wear the stuff) but this isn't a real problem to me though of course it would be nice if they were easier to apply. In terms of how long the colours last, I've actually been really pleased with them and found that for the most part they don't chip all that easily at all although Mad About Blue and Blue Abyss are definitely the fastest to go.

The Body Shop Colour Crush nail polishes - Winter Trend
Overall, these polishes are by no means perfect but I would still definitely recommend them - particularly, of course, Minty Amour. It's nice to see a range of winter colours that manage to remain so pretty and varied, and I'll definitely be trying some of the other colours next season too. The colours are currently all £5 and can be bought online through the Body Shop website!

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