Friday, 10 February 2017

February's Blog Spotlight Post

It's time for another roundup of all of the blog posts that I Enjoyed reading the most over the last month! As these blog posts were all posted in January, it will probably come as absolutely no surprise to you whatsoever that there was a very heavy theme of looking back over 2016 as well as predicting the trends that will take place in 2017. However, I've still managed to find a good variety of posts to share with you this month, and as ever I hope you're able to find a new read from this list or a new blogger to subscribe to!
001. Cat wrote a post all about how she hopes blogging will change in 2017. Some of the topics she chose may be a little bit controversial in the blogging world such as the desire for there to be less twitter chats - but, actually, I fully agree with them! How about you?

002. Milly wrote all about her honest views of Miami, and what to do there. It's somewhere we were thinking of going later this year after a quick trip to Disney World, so came at a very good time!

003. Charlotte gave some suggestions for some creative hobbies to take up. I'm pretty untalented at all things creative, but I wish I could manage some of these!

004. This is the first of a few posts I'm including from Carrie this month - take a look at her beautiful wedding photos!

005. Immy went to Centerparcs, and took some adorable pictures!

006. Amanda went on a solo cruise and posted all about it. Doing a cruise solo is something I've always been intrigued by, especially ever since Norwegian started specifically designing some of their cruises around the solo traveler!

007. Amber is my most featured blogger in this roundup - and the first post I'm including from her is some of her blog goals for 2017!

008. Another one from Carrie, with some of her bridal beauty tips!

009. Jordan posted a review of Beauty Pie, a brand that I'm suddenly seeing everywhere!

010. Angie posted a very useful travel post, looking at the best destinations to go for each month of the year!

011. In another one from Amber, she took a look at how accurate her blogging predictions for 2016 had been, and posted some of her suggestions for 2017 too.

12. Ionanna showed off some of her beautiful Papergang boxes - the little dogs are so cute!

13. Josie posted some of her unexpected highlights of 2016.

14. Yet more blogging predictions for 2017 - this time, from Hayley!

15. A final post from Amber, this time giving some suggestions of places to promote your blog and posts.

16. And finally this month, Hayley posted some tips all about how to master the Instagram flatlay!

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