Monday, 27 March 2017

10 Happy Things

001. The flowers are out! I bloody love flowers, and I'm so happy to see some little bursts of colour popping up all over the place. From daffodils on the sides of the street to beautiful blooms popping up in gardens and in stores :D

002. I have finally completed training, and someone somewhere decided it would be a good idea to hand me a train driving license. So, that's exciting! Really I'm just so relieved to have finished training, you have no idea. It's been remarkably stressful having so many exams and practicals and having to learn so many new things with the constant threat of suddenly being made unemployed if you fail to grasp any part of it - urgh!

003. Disney World is all booked up - we're heading over in September! It's been about six years since I last went to Orlando, and as wonderful as California is, Disneyland two years ago didn't quite fill the gap. My annual leave has managed to fit perfectly as it means we get to go during the Halloween season, easily my favourite time of the year. And the Food and Wine festival is on in Epcot too which I've always wanted to give a try, so I couldn't be happier about this!

004. For the first time in a while, I'm feeling like I've got some really close friends again. I didn't stop having friends, but my police schedule was so unreliable and crazy I kept letting people down all the time because I wouldn't be able to leave work, so I understand why I stopped getting invited to things. I'm happy to see that people seem to have been trusting my timings again a little more lately and I'm back to feeling like I'm being welcomed and included in things!

005. My pay during training was pretty sucky, but the end is nearly in sight and I'll finally be going onto a full wage. I'm looking forward to being able to live normally again, and the ability to book holidays without being terrified about not being able to pay rent will soon return. I'm also happy to be able to start treating people again, I feel like I've had to be carried through the last few weeks and I can't wait to return that.

006. I saw Beauty and the Beast the other day and it was brilliant! Such a dark movie, Disney did a really good job at it. I do have to agree with what the initial reviews said and say that Emma Watson is by far the weakest part of it - but after the first 15 minutes or so of it she is joined by much better actors and it really is a good movie. It's a shame to say it as I think Emma's gorgeous and I'd never noticed anything wrong with her acting before but I just couldn't quite accept her as Belle - but it's still a brilliant movie that is very worth watching.

007. April brings lots of restaurant deals and I'm looking forward to trying out lots of new restaurants again. It's been a while!

008. With the weather warming up, I'm also enjoying going on lots of walks again. Right now I've just been doing little walks around east London and exploring parks and other places. The weather isn't quite reliable enough yet, but I'm looking forward to exploring more and it's making me want to plan all sorts of outdoorsy trips!

009. Speaking of which - I may end up living on a boat?! Of course I need to keep researching it, but buying a houseboat is something I've been thinking about for just over a year now. I don't know yet, but I'm enjoying finding out more about it and thinking of taking a tiny little boating holiday in the meantime.

010. I'm going to Copenhagen in May! At last. It seems like 2016 was the year that literally everybody ended up going to Copenhagen, a place I hadn't really thought much about previously. I don't have many plans at all yet aside from who I'm going with and what the dates are going to be, but I'm so looking forward to exploring.

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