Friday, 31 March 2017

A 25 Watch Wishlist!

For me, watches are one of the more difficult accessories to buy. For starters, they do tend to be a fair bit more expensive to buy. I've also got freakishly tiny wrists, which means that a lot of them either just plain don't look right or end up spending the day sliding up and down my arm regardless of how many times I try to get them fitted. My third concern is always whether I should get the watch that I think is the prettiest or the one that best matches the clothes that I tend to wear. I still couldn't tell you the answer to this question!

001. Abbott Lyon £90 // 002. Rosefield £89  // 003. Sekonda £22.50 // 004. Lorus £69.99 // 005. Rosefield £79

My new work role means that a lot of time checking is needed - and unfortunately for me, it's also a role that has banned me from looking at my mobile phone throughout the day, which means that an actual watch is needed. So, a new watch it is.

006. Oasis £35 // 007. Lipsy £35 // 008. New Look £12.99 // 009. Pilgrim £89.99 // 010. Cluse £79.95

Some of these watches are more expensive than the sort that I would normally feature in my wishlist posts - but alas, there isn't much choice when it comes to watches! Watches just ain't all that cheap - and unfortunately a lot of the high street ones that I came across that WERE lower in price just didn't look anywhere near as good. For the most part, I've kept them below £100 though, the most expensive being the £155 one in the row right below this little paragraph.

011. Abbott Lyon £90 // 012. Ted Baker £155 // 013. Ted Baker £135 // 014. Ted Baker £145 // 015. Ted Baker £135

You'll notice that most of the watches I've chosen are of more discreet tones. I went with some browns, because I figured that brown looked pretty good with almost any other combination. I've chosen some peaches and some rose golds, just because I think they are pretty colours. But these Ted Baker ones and the Lipsy design on the row above are just SO pretty I had to include them!

016. Cluse £79.95 // 017. Cluse £79.95 // 018. Cluse £79.95 // 019. Olivia Burton £75 // 020. Olivia Burton £80

I did consider smartwatches, but I need to be honest about this - I just don't actually like them all that much. I already own one, a rose gold Moto 360, and truth be told I just don't wear it all that much. Despite being the smallest size it still feels ridiculous on my wrist, I'm constantly catching it on things, and I just don't use it all that much - and even then it somehow manages to completely drain my phone's battery, so I just don't bother! For me I don't find they save much time from just taking my phone out of my pocket. Although I did like being able to quickly read notifications on them, for me I'd then generally forget to actually reply to the message at a later time, so a proper watch it has to be!

021. Accessorize £25 // 022. Olivia Burton £98 // 023. Olivia Burton £70 // 024. Olivia Burton £70 // 025. Olivia Burton £70

So, here's my list of 25 favourites. Which one do you like the most?

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