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Mother's Day, with Hotel Chocolat - Plus Win Your Own Hotel Chocolat Sleekster!

  Can you all believe that spring is here? And with it comes the return of the daffodils, Easter, my birthday (!), allegedly warmer weather (where is it? It's actually getting colder!), and of course, Mother's Day.

  This year, Hotel Chocolat got in touch with me to ask me to share some of my favourite Mum Moments with you all - as well as that, I'm also going to share my opinion of their delicious Mother's Day sleekster - and even better, you can enter my giveaway at the end of this post and win yourself your very own sleekster - it's your choice whether you send it on to your mum or eat it yourself, I won't judge :-)

  For myself, my relationship with my mum was always very strained. I suppose this isn't the normal thing you hear on blogs, but truth be told, we just don't really get on all that well! It wasn't until I moved out ten years ago that our relationship actually started improving. We don't see each other all that often anymore - and for us, it's actually better that way! My boyfriend manages to stop by and see his mum most weeks and something like that would never work for us at all - right now, every year or so is sort of our limit. I know some of you may be horrified to read that, but for us it's what works best. Since I moved out, things have been much more supportive between us. We are able to text more, and we are able to be there when the situation calls for it. As an example, she came to visit when I first rented my last apartment, and helped me out when legal fees suddenly went soaring for the one that I was attempting to buy. She has also come up to visit and braved her personal horror of south London when I was in hospital following surgery, and we went down to visit when she moved as well. Our relationship will never be the sort that you see depicted on TV, but it works for us and is probably the best it has ever been!

  Shall we take a look at the sleekster, then...?

Presenting to you the gorgeous Mother's Day sleekster! First of all, can I just point out the obvious - what a beautiful design! I've been buying Hotel Chocolat sleeksters for years, and this box is honestly probably my favourite design they've done. I'm always going to be a bit biased with this being that I absolutely love yellow, but it's just such a pretty box. It's not completely obvious in this photo as the alleged spring sunshine was very much against me whilst taking these photos, but the centre of the flowers is all glittery and sparkly too which really adds to the whole effect. I love this box!

 The sleekster contains 27 chocolates, and costs £22.50.

 Alright, alright. As much as I want to keep telling you how gorgeous the design is, I know that what you're actually interested in is what's inside. And here it is!

 The chocolate that immediately jumped out at me was very obvious. Peanut butter. Peanut. Butter. I don't think I'd ever seen a peanut butter offering from Hotel Chocolat before, so this one was very exciting to me! Sadly, only one of these was in the box, so naturally I had to eat this one quickly so that Chris would never know about it...

 I was next drawn straight over to the raspberry smoothie - raspberries are my favourite fruit, and I find that they're one of the berries that tend to be excluded from chocolate boxes so I was very happy to give this one a try. Chris was drawn straight over to the fudge sundae as he's been craving fudge for a few days and so this one couldn't have come at a better time. As well as these, there are some other favourites featured in the box - the caramel cheescake often makes an appearance but always a welcome one, and the Eton Mess, Dizzy Praline and Mousse au Chocolat are all here as well alongside some other options. View the whole menu here!
 Another great box from Hotel Chocolat, featuring lots of great flavours - I feel like this box had a lot of variety to it and there were a lot of chocolates in this box that I absolutely loved - and those that I didn't, I very quickly found willing eaters for!

You can buy your own box through Hotel Chocolat's website here, ooorrrrrr read on to find out how to enter to win one for yourself!
Giveaway time!

Want to win one of these great boxes to give to your mum or to eat yourself? (We're all friends here, you can admit it!)

It's very simple to enter using the rafflecopter below. Just leave a comment telling me what your favourite mum moment was - this can be of your own mum, of being a mum yourself, or if you prefer, something you saw or know about another mum! Once you've done that, there are a few more options too if you'd like to give yourself a better chance of winning!

This giveaway is unfortunately only open to UK residents and closes on March 19th - quite a quick contest this time, but hopefully that leaves us with enough time to get your box over to you in time for mother's day - with a few days to spare, I hope! The winner will be contacted on March 19th to be asked to provide their address. If after 72 hours they haven't been heard from, the contest will be redrawn but please be quick as we want to make sure they get to you in time! Please note that I will also be passing your address on to Hotel Chocolat as they will be sending you out your sleekster directly, so please don't enter if you are not happy with me doing that.

Good luck!

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