Friday, 21 April 2017

28 Things I Learned & Did at 28

Hello everyone!

Yesterday was my 29th birthday. I am officially old, I think. Although, as I'm now worryingly close to 30, I don't feel quite as old as I thought I would. I was fairly sure that by the time I reached this age I would have slowed down a lot, would wear dull fabrics and skirts that were far too long, and would be one of those people who are only able to talk about the weather and about the type of poo my child did that morning. So far, none of that has been true - aside from the fact that I've probably slowed down a whole lot of the time, but I'm blaming shifts for that as this year my life has been full of absurd start times. (Why is 4am considered an acceptable start time anywhere?)

And so to commemorate being 29, I thought I'd do a quick post of the 28 things I learned and did at 28. So let's go!

001. At 28, I travelled to more national parks than I have in my entire life. And before you ask, Zion is the best by far and you should all go there. (Look, I've even got a post on it! And unsurprisingly, the above photo was taken there)
002. I discovered that I still don't like climbing. In fact, I really really hate it. Even if the views at the top are amazing, I still won't think the climb will be worth it, and I will still complain about the fact that I had to do it.
003. I also discovered that California is indeed still my favourite state of all - but the places that are my favourites are not the ones I expected them to be. San Francisco is probably my favourite city, but actually Joshua Tree was probably my favourite place to visit.
004. I finally visited the Grand Canyon, I sort of felt like it sucked. Sorry.
005. I've suddenly gone a bit more luxury minded this year. I want to join the blogger stereotype and go and visit the Maldives, a location that would previously have massively bored me. But now I think it looks amazing and I really want to go.
006. Despite having visited so many places over the years, I'm a little disappointed in myself to have realised that the place I most want to go to is a place I've already been - Disney World, Orlando. But we're going this year, so it's fine.

007. At 28, I changed career. Again. Only this time, it wasn't out of passion. You see, I'm a little sad to admit to you that 28 was the year I stopped working jobs that I felt passionate about and instead picked work based on logistics and the quality of life that I felt like it would give me. I'm no longer a teacher. I'm no longer a police officer. But now I'm higher paid, get more holidays, and have no worries about having my days off cancelled anymore and those are the factors that are more important to me right now. I know, I know, everyone says you should be following your dreams and doing whatever inspires and excites you. But I kinda think work is just work, and right now those benefits mean more to me than anything else does.
008. The training for the new role was also the most intense training I've ever been to. It sucked. I hated it. My brain has definitely slowed down since I left education, but I also know that with a fair bit of practice it's able to catch up again. I managed to get the highest score in our final exam, so well done, brain.
009. The main reason I stuck with my previous job is because I had so many friends there. I really liked a lot of the people there. I also really didn't like a lot of the other people there, and it sucked that it was a job that seemed to have a lot of bitchy, underhanded people. I miss some individuals, but I don't miss the people as a whole. I sort of wish I'd figured that out a bit sooner too.
010. I still don't want to be a full time blogger, though.

011. I really want to get in on that grey haired trend. I think it looks awesome. But I highly doubt my ability to pull it off! I'm eagerly watching some of the temporary colours that are coming up as I definitely want in on that, but without permanently dying my hair.
012. I've bought far less beauty products this year than normal, but what I have bought tends to have been more expensive. I don't know what that says about me.
013. I actually wear makeup less than I ever do. It's very rare for me to wear it at all, despite getting better at applying it.
014. I've bought more clothes at 28 than I ever have before, but I'm going to say that that's very heavily linked to the fact that I lived right next to Westfield for a year.
015. I still basically won't pay more than £50 for anything though.
016. I finally got my red Michael Kors bag. I've wanted one forever, it's the one designer bag I actually love. (Also, I got it from Thailand so it's almost definitely fake. But I don't care!)

017. Apparently I got into reality shows this year. Dance Moms became the show I watch religiously each week, even though it pains me to admit it. I've also been rewatching Project Runway, and watching way too many programs about cake.
018. I'm sad that Netflix make so many shows now. I find that the majority of them aren't any good. It disappoints me, as before whenever I saw their logo on it I could guarantee it was worth watching. Now most of the time I don't bother.
019. I've officially given in on Once Upon A Time. It was amazing, and now I just find it stupid.

020. I tried to buy a flat this year, and it was the hardest, most expensive experience of my life. Choosing a flat is hard. Choosing a flat in London is harder. And, sadly, I also learned that when the deal falls through for absolutely no fault of your own, you've still got to pay all the legal and whatever other fees. Which go into the thousands. That sucked.
021. BUT, I actually discovered that I kinda don't have a problem with renting. I don't mind house sharing, though I suppose I'd rather not. I like being able to move around.
022. My Stratford flat was the nicest place in the world, but my current flat is on the Thames and gives me a nice view. It turns out I really like having a water view. I lived in Kent for 21 years, south London for five, and east London for two, but I would definitely consider myself more of an east Londoner than I would anyone else. I've really bonded to the place. I love the architecture, I love the design, I love the modern flats and just the feeling you get around here.
023. Even with a residents gym in my apartment, I still have to REALLY motivate myself to go and use it.
024. I've found myself really wanting a Macbook Pro. I still think they're overpriced. I know that I can get a windows PC that's way better and offers way more for probably more than half the price. But I've started really wanting one. I think this is largely because I reluctantly bought an iPhone 7 last year, my first ever iPhone, and ended up loving it way more than I ever thought I would, and now I want anything that offers a picture as lovely as my phone does.

025. Me and Chris moved in together. He finally gave in and moved to London. It's worked out better than either of us thought, although we do have massively differing lifestyles at times.
026. I've realised I perhaps do care a little too much about clothing. Most of the time I let Chris dress how he wants, which involves combats and some horrible cartoon T-Shirt. Not my thing, especially as I think he looks really good dressed up properly. But I do get irritated if he never makes an effort, even though I suppose it doesn't really matter.
027. We probably argue more than I ever have in a relationship before. This isn't a good thing, obviously, but this is the most effort I've ever put into working something out. Hopefully it works out. I don't know yet which way it will go.
028. This year, I've spent more time than ever before trying to do nice things for the other person. Planning an entire trip around him. His birthday isn't until November, but I've already planned basically the best week ever (aside from the week we go to Disney World, obviously!)

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