Friday, 28 April 2017

5 More Things I've Been Watching on Netflix Lately

The last time I made a Netflix recommendation post was - can you believe it?! - 8 months ago. I've been quite ill and tired lately, and whenever that happens I seem to start watching a silly amount of Netflix, this time being no exception. And as such, here's five more things I've been watching on Netflix lately!

13 Reasons Why
When I started watching this show, I didn't realise that I had inadvertently started on what is apparently the most talked about show at the moment. I got through this show very quickly - a combination of the fact that I was genuinely enjoying it, and that I kept accidentally reading spoilers so wanted to finish the whole thing before any more of it was ruined for me. I know this show has been receiving some really mixed reactions, but for my part - I actually really liked this show. The show focuses around a girl named Hannah who committed suicide, and sends out 13 tapes explaining the reasons why she had killed herself. A lot of negative reactions about this show seem to be based around the character of Hannah - however, I don't think she's actually supposed to be seen at particularly likeable or rational, and my dislike of her didn't change my enjoyment of the rest of the show. It does have some graphic scenes on it, but I found it to be enjoyable and interesting.

Santa Clarita Diet
This is a lighthearted show based around a pair of married realtors and their perfectly ordinary lives - until, that is, the wife becomes undead. I wasn't sure on this show based on the first episode as I found the acting to be very strange, however the show did grow on me and has some very funny moments to it. It's a short show so great for filling some gaps when you don't have much time and it doesn't take too much concentration - but it is very enjoyable, has some great lines to it, and Olyphant is a bit of a babe which always helps!

Project Runway
It's not a new show by any means - in fact, the seasons available are pretty darn old - but one that I always enjoy. I was delighted when I found out Netflix was getting some Project Runway episodes as I absolutely adore this show and find it so interesting seeing what people are able to create. I'm not a creative person at all, so I love challenges involving unusual things like going shopping from a party store and yet somehow making an outfit out of it. As mentioned, the seasons available are quite old but I'm hoping some more recent ones will go up at some point as they're good fun to watch.

Hell's Kitchen USA
Again, this is by no means a new show - but I think another one that is fairly new to Netflix. This has been the show that me and my boyfriend have been watching together recently. I don't typically enjoy cooking or kitchen shows but I do enjoy Ramsay and the fact that the USA version is so ridiculously over dramatic makes it great watching. There are three seasons available right now and the only downside to them is that the seasons are soooooo long. Still, an enjoyable background watch!

Me Before You
It's quite unusual that I'll use Netflix for movies, however Me Before You is one that I'll recommend - though find very strange to be doing so! I first watched this on a plane a few months ago and watched it purely because the movie selection was terrible and there wasn't much else available. However, I did actually enjoy it. It's a romance movie, but an enjoyable one. I'm not sure I'd be tempted to read the second book to find out what happens next, but this is still a film I'm surprised to say is worth watching!

What are you watching on Netflix right now?


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