Friday, 7 April 2017

March, in Photos

I post quite a lot about my favourite Instagram accounts, and enjoy recommending some fantastic content for you guys to take a look at and hopefully follow.

I'm not going to stop doing that, but I thought this month round I might do something a little bit different, and post ten current photos from my own Instagram account from the last month - with a bit more of an explanation about what's going on! I go to a lot of events and other things that I really enjoy but just don't take enough photos to use in a decent post - or, there just wouldn't be any reason to post about it. As an example, this month I had a great time at the farm and took some cute pictures there, but I don't think that quite deserves a post all of its own - and therefore, here seems like the perfect place to tell you a little about it!

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My first favourite this month are these absolutely adorable Pokemon pyjamas. I LOVE them, they are so bright and colourful and the shorts on them are just an overload of colourful pokemon. You're absolutely never too old to own a pair of Pikachu jammies! These are from Primark, and I can't remember exactly how much they cost but as they're from Primark I'm going to say they were probably around £5 or so. I got these ones from the Oxford St store, but this was a couple of weeks ago now so they've probably spread out into the others.

 Next up we have this picture - the view from my new flat. The flat we are living in now is very temporary, and for the most part it isn't great for photos. The lighting is bad as these other flats block out the sunlight during the key parts of the day, and more than anything I just have worlds messiest housemate who makes taking pictures in any room a nightmare by filling it with his rubbish - but that's another post for another day. What it does have, however, is a beautiful view. I love having a water view, and I spend way too much time hanging out on the balcony just watching the water go past. It's quite funny as well, as my last flat had a Canary Wharf view and this one does too, just from a very slightly different angle!

 Robot brownies. What more needs to be said?

These were delicious and are from the science museum as part of their robots exhibition. This topic actually DOES have a full post on it, and if you'd like to read it you can do so here.

 Here's the adorable lambs from my farm trip that I was telling you about. These little lambs are living over at Surrey Docks farm, and they are just a delight! So many little lambs that we spent a good hour watching and interacting with. These lambs weren't stupid - every time one of the older sheep lay down, the lambs promptly went and climbed on top of them and lay down or stood there. Why stand on the hard ground if there's a perfectly willing sheep to be your cushion?

 The farm also had these two donkeys, who we thought were really pretty. Neither of us are normally fans of donkeys but this pair were really cute and had adorable expressions. Sadly the donkeys had absolutely no interest whatsoever in us so we didn't get any interaction with them, but they were fun to watch!

 Despite the majority of my time in London having been spent in the south, I feel very much an east Londoner. I LOVE East London, and as such a lot of my photos this month have been taken on various walks around the area.

 Chris is a pretty good cook, and when I told him that I was really missing some of the food that we ate in San Francisco last year (there's a post on it all here!) he served up this delicious meal for us for brunch. It is sourdough bread, poached eggs, hummus, and of course, lots of avocado. And a little bit of seasoning on top! It's my new favourite brunch and so simple to make - and very San Francisco!

As I mentioned in my 10 Happy Things post, I have been loving all of the blooms that have been popping up. As well as all the daffodils making an appearance around the city, the other flowers are finally starting to show up and add a little bit of colour. Here's a little bit of floral colours from Island Gardens!

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