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You Crack Me Up; Easter, with Hotel Chocolat

Hotel Chocolat You Crack Me Up Easter Egg - packaging
 I have long admired Hotel Chocolat's Easter eggs from a distance - but for some reason, their eggs are one of the few HC goodies that I haven't actually tried before. I've often considered them, but I've always ended up becoming tempted by their cute little egglet sleeksters instead!

  So of course, when Hotel Chocolat offered to send me over an egg to taste, I was never going to say no! It took me a while to choose which of their delicious sounding range would be the one for me, but it had to be You Crack Me Up - I admire this caramel egg every single year, primarily because it's filled with adorable smiley faces and looks absolutely adorable!

Hotel Chocolat You Crack Me Up Easter Egg - box
Let's talk about the packaging shall we?

First of all, I should mention that the box is more of a golden colour in real life - for some reason the camera absolutely refused to pick up the tone of it correctly! It's a very sturdy box which feels much more expensive than other eggs do - and also keeps the insides looking presentable! I don't know about you, but I sort of hate having a box with a half eaten Easter egg inside of it as it just looks horrible when you can see the insides are all in pieces and in a mess of foil that isn't quite managing to successfully keep the chocolate contained! I of course normally counteract this problem by making sure the egg is just eaten as quickly as possible, but this way works well too!

The box is all tied together with some black ribbon, and also shows a picture on the back of the egg overflowing with smiley goodness.

Hotel Chocolat You Crack Me Up Easter Egg
 The box contains two different smiley faces - a Sunny Side Up praline, and a Sunny Side Up milk. These smiley faces are pretty much the star of the show when it comes to the design as they really are adorable, and come with an unexpected texture to them. They're thicker than they appear to be in all the photos I've ever seen of them and enclose a crispy biscuity base. I wasn't expecting them to have such a crunchy texture to them, but they are very tasty - especially the milk one!

Hotel Chocolat You Crack Me Up egg fillings
Also inside the eggs were some Egg on Toast pieces. I REALLY liked this. I find that white chocolate can be really hit and miss, but this slab was one of the best I've tried. The taste is strong but not overpowering and really delicious - I gave half of a slab to a friend who doesn't typically like white chocolate, and even he enjoyed it!

Hotel Chocolat You Crack Me Up egg fillings
 It also contains two types of city bunny (some in caramel, some in praline) which are made of lovely solid chocolate, and a little vanilla egglet.

Hotel Chocolat You Crack Me Up egg fillings
 As for the egg itself - wow!

I know that the box specifically calls them extra-thick, but in all honesty I was expecting that to be a little bit of a marketing white lie for something not much thicker than average. I was very very wrong, these are made of deliciously thick chocolate - to the extent that breaking off a bit was actually quite difficult!

This box contains two different halves - half is a 40% milk chocolate shell and is absolutely delicious. The other half is made of white chocolate spun with caramel, and in all honesty is a little bit of an overwhelming taste! The caramel is very strong in it and it's hard to eat more than a little bit. We started off with a small chunk each and that was enough for us both as we were feeling a sugar overload from it! If you like caramel you will love it, but be prepared as it really is incredibly strong! I definitely preferred the milk, but the caramel is great too - just in much smaller doses!

 There's nothing photogenic about the above picture, but I thought it would be useful to show you how the egg is packaged. There's a bit of security for your egg both on the top and bottom which also works well as a little holder for it. The egg is already neatly split into two and each half is individually wrapped. Additionally, each half contains some packaging for your little inner pieces - half in each one. This was a good way of keeping it wrapped, and unlike most eggs it all fit back in again nicely when we were done nibbling for the day!

Hotel Chocolat easter egg
The extra thick eggs all cost £27 (with the exception of one of the dark chocolate eggs, which is £29), which may sound a little steep at first but is a great price when you consider just how much chocolate you actually get out of one - this is definitely going to take us a while to complete! There are eight different eggs, all containing something different - from Your Eggsellency filled with premium alcohol based chocolates over to Patisserie - which as well as being filled with delicious dessert based chocolates is formed of a Pecan Pie shell and a salted caramel cheesecake half!

All eggs are available through Hotel Chocolat's website, here.

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