Wednesday, 31 May 2017

5 More Things That Have Happened Since Buying a Flat

I've already posted about the drama in the last SEVEN MONTHS in between making an offer and actually completing on the flat. (If you've missed it, this includes a lot of drama about service charges and plants. It was literally held up for three months because of a plant. A PLANT.)

I kinda hoped that my run of bad luck would have ended by the time I actually completed on the flat, but hey ho, here's more 5 more things that have happened since I bought the flat!

001. I broke the toilet. On my very first day. No, not like that. I returned with many cleaning supplies and other essentials from PoundLand, and set about giving the bathrooms a good clean. I opened the tank to put one of those dissolving tablets into it to give the insides a good clean, and somehow in doing so snapped what I now know to be called a flush valve. It was one of those things that was obviously already broken but had been quite happily contained, but it did result in me sitting on the floor wailing about the fact that I hated being a homeowner. After twenty minutes of hearing the toilet endlessly flush I knew far more about the anatomy of a toilet than I ever thought I would, and now the part has arrived and as such tomorrow morning will be spent trying to fix it. Isn't this delightful?

002. I learned that an Independent Gas Transporter is a thing. I thought I was being really organised and great, doing all my meter readings and setting myself up with my new utilities. I'm a bit ridiculous when it comes to choosing things like this, and I sit there and really plot out the finer details of every company to do a proper comparison. I finally chose this green energy company, signed up all happily - and then got an email the next day saying that they couldn't take me, as we have an IGT. A what now?! A little bit of research told me that we'd probably end up paying much more than we otherwise would because of this, but actually in my experience this wasn't the case. Off I went with another comparison, and if you end up finding out that you've got an IGT don't worry too much - my second favourite company quite happily took us, and they're not charging us any extra either.

003. We survived a trip to Ikea! Although I feel like 'trip' is the wrong word. A day. We survived a day to Ikea. In case you couldn't tell from the above progress picture, the significant majority of things that we have bought are Ikea purchases. And we still plan on returning, because their plants are awesome but we're not actually at the flat enough to look after them right now. Luckily we went with a fairly good knowledge of what we wanted already, and we only had one heartbreak when on taking a look at something deciding it was maybe a bit too big afterall (But now what goes into that place on the kitchen wall?!?). We survived the confusing trek around the warehouse (guys if you're planning on going to Ikea, use their website! It tells you EXACTLY where everything you want to buy is if you put it on your wishlist) and survived navigating around the warehouse with three trolleys overflowing to the side and a chair sitting right on top of one of them that didn't quite fit usefully anywhere we put it. We even survived the hire car back to the flat and the hours of carrying heavy boxes in and forcing them into the lift.

004. I discovered that not every furniture delivery company is quite as good as Ikea. There is still random furniture left incomplete, as we're waiting on a big overbed unit to come from Very. The main bedroom is an awkward shape, and to fit everything in we're basically going to have to build the overbed unit first and then build everything else (obviously the bed, but some other bits and bobs) essentially inside of it. However, Very have so far decided not to send the unit, and as such we can't do very much with an entire half of the flat. It seems to be weirdly lost in transit between them and the courier, both who are telling us entirely different things. Unfortunately, Very's customer service has also been terrible, with advisors who don't seem to know much about the situation or whether I'm getting a refund and who tell me that the managers "don't take phone calls," when I've asked to be transferred to one or to a department that might know. I wouldn't mind so much, but it's a lot of money and they're a very big company, they can definitely do better than this. In the meantime, we can't actually move into the flat properly until it's there.

005. I've learned a lot about DIY. I thought I knew about DIY before, but it turns out that when you actually own the place and are much more cautious about doing anything that might damage it, you really really don't. I've got a bathroom to repaint and retile, and lots of shelves to put up. Despite this, it's actually the shelves, and the pictures, and everything else that I'm most afraid of doing.

So that's a little flat update for you! If you want to see the 'before' photos, have a click here. I post update videos on my instastories ( and once the rest of the flat is ready (Very, I'm very strongly looking in your direction) there will be some 'after' updates! Apologies for the slowness lately, if you're following me on instagram you'll probably notice I've been in Copenhagen. More on that to follow!

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