Friday, 5 May 2017

May's Fashion Favourites

As always, Quiz's new range includes a lot of beautiful yet inexpensive formal dresses - but what I was really drawn to this month were these three much more holiday-style looks. In particular I'm drawn to the one in the middle - I have really mixed opinions when it comes to playsuits as I think they're so rarely done right - but I think this one is very cute and looks really flattering.

I am a big fan of how bright and vibrant these patterns and colours are. The first dress is something I could definitely see myself wearing on holiday or on a cruise - but also something I think I could pair up with some more toned down leggings and shoes and get away with here in London. I think these three are probably the more 'mature' three items I've picked out this month - yet also probably the most fun when it comes to patterns and design!

JANE NORMAN: Multicolour Tropical Print Bodycon Dress £21.75
JANE NORMAN: Khaki Lace Up Bardot Top £14.40
JANE NORMAN: Blue Stripe Bardot Jumper £21.75

Of this Jane Norman selection, I think my favourite is the top in the middle. It's got a very simple look to it - but when you see it on the model, I think it looks perfect. It's simple, but very flattering and looks great. I don't really own any tops like this anymore and as I already seem to now own an excessive amount of grey, I think this may be one of my choices soon.

NEW LOOK Yellow Suedette Cross Strap Cork Block Heeled Sandals £22.99
APRICOT White Coral & Blue Inky Hummingbird Print T-Shirt £18
OASIS Stripe Kissing Flamingo Tee £30
OASIS Tropical Botanical Shirt £38

The only reason I'm not immediately going out and buying the shoes is because I feel I basically already own these but in flat version. The more I think about it the more I think they're actually from Primark about two years ago, but I swear they're in this exact shade of both yellow and the cork base. As such, there's no real point in me buying a higher pair of what I already own - but if I didn't, I'd definitely be going for these! Of this selection, the flamingo top is the one I think I'll most likely end up buying. It's cute and Oasis have quite a few flamingo based tops at the moment that I think all need trying on to decide which one I actually need!

Which are your favourites?


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