Monday, 1 May 2017

Rosefield Watches; The Tribeca Collection

As you probably know if you've been looking through my wishlists lately, a watch has been something that I have very much needed. I felt very guilty about looking for one because I already had a quite expensive smart watch that I basically never used because I didn't like how bulky it felt on my wrist, but as I'm not allowed to use my phone at work it was basically essential that I got hold of something that I would happily wear.

I had two main criteria when looking for a watch to buy. The first was obvious - I wanted one that looked pretty. It had to be in a colour that I liked, and be versatile. The second was a little more strict - I wanted one that was small. I have thin wrists, and so it was important that I found a watch that was equally small and didn't look silly and bulky on me or annoy me by falling up and down my arm because of the strap length.

Bring on Rosefield watches, and their Tribeca collection. I'll be honest, Rosefield isn't a brand I'd heard of before - but then I'd never really had any reason to go watch shopping before either so this wasn't too much of a surprise. The Tribeca collection combines some favourites from three of their watch ranges - but in a smaller size, for thinner wrists.

 I picked the blush/white combination, featuring pink straps and rose gold highlights. I was a little worried about how the colour of this watch would actually be in real life as through images the pink looked like it could be very bright. However, there was no need to worry - the pink shade is pretty but subtle and blends in with clothes a lot better than I thought it would. Equally, the rose gold blends in nicely with the rest of the watch and complements it perfectly.

 The watch face itself is simple but very pretty. I think it looks clean and elegant, it's easy to look at, and again matches the whole design very nicely. It is a smaller watch, but it's easy to read and the whole face has a very polished look to it.

 And now - the size. This watch has a 33mm case and looked absolutely tiny when I first pulled it out of the box. In fact, I briefly worried that I'd gone too far in the opposite direction and that it would look abnormally small when I put it on! However, the size is actually perfect for me. The size is flattering and looks exactly the right size for my wrists. The watch itself is very thin and as such it's very light and doesn't feel annoying to wear, nor does it get in the way.

Overall, I'm very happy with this watch. It's very pretty, looks fashionable and matches well with whatever I try to pair it with. It's a great size and not too heavy, and I actually enjoy wearing it. I'm very happy with the quality of it, and I would happily purchase more watches from the Tribeca range.

This colour combination is £79 and is sold exclusively from John Lewis, here. If pink isn't quite your thing, it's also available in a blue/grey shade here and in black, here.

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