Monday, 26 June 2017

A Trip to Copenhagen - Part 1

Nyhavn, Copenhagen
It's been a few weeks since I visited Copenhagen now, and as such I figure it's really about time I wrote up a little post all about my trip there. 

I chose Copenhagen largely due to the fact that it was basically the must-visit destination of my friends last year, combined with the fact that I managed to find flights for really cheap. (Although, in retrospect I should have done a bit more research into this - I was excited and booked the cheap flights for a longer stay, later discovering that hotels in Copenhagen were actually extortionate. Oh well) I was advised by all of them that Copenhagen was a lovely place to visit, but not to stay there for too many days as there wasn't quite enough there to make it a trip for more than a weekend or so. So off we went!

Honen and Egget, Copenhagen
 Hotels aren't the only expensive thing in Copenhagen - food is really pricey too! On our first night we had dinner at Honen & Egget, which is a bit out of the way of the main area but quite close to our hotel. This place had a lovely atmosphere and we had a really good time there - it was very cute, and the staff were all very helpful. I only purchased an appetiser as I thought the food was quite expensive and wanted to save it for the next day - however, even though it was just an appetiser it was actually really filling and more importantly, was delicious. This was a common theme in our trip - the food was consistently very good!

 We took a trip to Christiansborg Palace on our first full day - after nearly dying from the cold. It was SO cold, and I was so unprepared! It is Scandinavia, after all.

A white horse at Christiansborg Palace, Copenhagen

Flower bouquets in the kitchen of Christiansborg Palace, Copenhagen

Tapestries at Christiansborg Palace, Copenhagen

Statue at Christiansborg Palace, Copenhagen

Statue at Christiansborg Palace, Copenhagen

 We purchased a combined package at Christiansborg Palace, which included entrance to the stables, the kitchen, the ruin and the reception rooms. We had mixed opinions on all but one of these!

  Honestly, the stables you could have got away without having a ticket at all - everybody was just wondering in and out and it was a bit confusing at times as it almost felt like we weren't actually supposed to be in there and we were expecting to be sent out at any moment! The horses were all very pretty and very friendly though and we were completely left alone to have a walk around and have a look at them all. The kitchen also felt like a big waste of time - there really wasn't very much there and we were really using it as a place to stay warm than anything else.

  The ruins we had mixed opinions on - there really isn't very much there at all, but I actually quite enjoyed them. There are lots of information boards dotted about and I found them quite interesting to learn about the history of the palace and what had been there before. There wasn't really too much to actually look at though, and I completely understand why my friend found it so boring.

  However, we both really enjoyed the reception rooms - and the majority of the photos I've included above come from there! The rooms offered a lot of variety with beautiful and extravagant decoration, and we both felt like this was a highlight of our trip.

Drink at the Hotel Chocolat Cafe, Copenhagen
 We also took a trip to the Hotel Chocolat cafe, which was sadly one of the things at the top of my list to take a visit too. I did not leave disappointed - I loved my chocolate brownie frappe! My friend wasn't so fond of her hot chocolate, but I loved mine enough that I returned there the next day too.

Boats at Nyhavn, Copenhagen

Coloured houses at Nyhavn, Copenhagen

I'll end part one on probably the most famous site in Copenhagen - Nyhavn. I went there looking forward to seeing the area but fully expecting to be disappointed - but I was wrong, it was a lovely area. It was lively, the architecture was pretty, the food prices actually reasonable (for Copenhagen!) and with a great atmosphere. I'm normally suspicious of the more photographed areas (see my experiences with the Grand Canyon for why) but I actually really enjoyed Nyhavn and would definitely advise anyone visiting Copenhagen to spend some time here and plan to eat a meal here as well.

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