Monday, 19 June 2017

An Unlimited Brunch, at Aubaine

I recently headed to Aubaine in Liverpool Street to give their unlimited brunch menu a go, and figured it was very much something worth telling all of you about!

I love a good brunch. It's probably my favourite meal, as it includes basically the best of everything I could ever want food wise. I don't do unlimited brunches too often as they tend to cost at least £50+ and obviously there's just not the space in my bank account for that - but as Aubaine's unlimited offering was only £15, it seemed rude not to!

 This is the menu. As you can see, to add unlimited drinks on top was an extra £15. Something you may also notice is that the menu really is a bit egg heavy, which most of us stated that we found a bit of a problem as we all felt a bit egged out by the end of it. I've been suspecting for a little while that I have some kind of intolerance and I definitely felt it after eating some of the courses!

As well as what you can order off the menu, there was some bread and some pastries available for you to go and serve yourself. The selection was quite small and the bread looked delicious - however, none of us actually ate any of it as it looked a bit threatening! It was just sort of there in giant lumps and was probably really good, however none of us quite felt like it would be a good idea for us to go and start carving into it as we all felt we'd probably make a big embarassing mess of it. I didn't see anyone try any of the bread so we'll never know if it was actually any good - but the pastries were very nice!

 My first choice was obvious to me - I wanted the avacado on toast. I will always order anything with avocado on it, and this had to be my first choice so that I could enjoy it to the maximum. And it really was a very good meal! It was surprisingly filling, the avocado tasted really fresh, and there was a good combination of flavours. If I was to repeat a dish, I would have got a second serving of this one.

Next up for me was the eggs benedict. I mostly went for this one as I saw a lot of people get it in the first serving and thought it looked really good, however in all honesty I was really disappointed with this one. There wasn't much flavour to it and something just tasted a little off although I can't quite place my finger on what it was. I wouldn't repeat this one.

 Next I went for the granola with fruit and yogurt - and the above was NOT what I was expecting, however it was absolutely delicious and I'm very glad I ordered it. Some of the others complained it was a little tricky to eat but once you've got started it really wasn't a problem, and the flavours all went together very nicely.

For my final course, I went for the fruit salad. There was a good mix in here and anything that includes raspberries is always going to get a positive vote from me!

Overall, I really enjoyed brunch here and I really would recommend it. The plates are small and you can only order one at a time - however, you do have two hours so you can make the most of it. At first we were really hungry between courses, but it soon caught up with us and we didn't mind having to wait - plus the majority of the time it was speedy service and we weren't left waiting for too long. I think it's a good price for what you get as you are able to try lots of different foods, and you do leave feeling very full! Unsurprisingly, the one thing I would change is to include a few non egg based options on the menu - all of us left feeling like we had eaten far too many eggs, but it had a very positive reception overall so I would still return.

If you're interested in booking an unlimited brunch for yourself, check out Aubaine's website, here!

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