Friday, 16 June 2017

June's Blog Spotlight Post

For the last few months I've been a bit worried when making these posts as I've found the number of posts I'm saving has really dropped down recently. However, I'm happy to say that I think this will be changing very soon as for the first time in a while I've found lots of fantastic new blogs to read - I'm really glad that my reading list has had a little bit of a refresh! This month, there's 9 blog post recommendations for you to go and take a look at - and yes, before you ask, it does pain me that it doesn't quite reach 10!

001. Amber's been posting lots of photos of all the changes she's made to her home lately, but my favourite so far is this before and after of her kitchen. It's so pretty, and as we're completely redoing our flat it's great timing to get some inspiration! The above photo is taken from Amber's post.

002. Martha posted an Instagram guide to Copenhagen - which was perfect timing, as I read it just before I went over there myself! Lots of pretty pictures and a great resource if it's somewhere you're thinking of going. I need to hurry up and get my update done myself!

003. Kayleigh posted all about the 13 blogger habits that it's okay not to do!

004. I'm slow in posting this as she's already changed the colour again - but look at how cool Jemma's rainbow hair is!

005. Katy took a solo trip to Aberdeen - a place I'd never really considered visiting before, but looks lovely!

006. Jess posted an open letter to PR professionals.

007. Another from Martha - this time about cheats on Instagram, and how to get around it.

008. Paige got engaged - congratulations! Take a look at her beautiful engagement photos.

009. Joseph posted all about how Instagram is giving him trust issues.


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