Friday, 30 June 2017

My 2017 Blogging & Personal Goals - How Are They Going So Far?

At the beginning of the year I gave myself 10 goals to try and achieve by the end of 2017. 5 blog goals, and 5 personal goals. I also told myself that I'd write a progress post for how they're all going at the mid point of the year - and I remembered that!

Unfortunately, I, uh, mostly forgot about my goals during the year itself.


I mean, come on, it's been a busy year! I started a completely different career, bought a flat... Well, either way, it's time to put up a progress post as to how I'm doing so far. And I can pretty much already guess that I have probably failed to accomplish any of them, but let's take a look - and hopefully prompt myself to actually remember them for the rest of the year!

Blogging Goals
001. My first goal was to reach 2,500 followers on twitter. This hasn't happened, not even close, but I'm at around 1700 now which I'm happy with. And to be honest, I suppose I'm no longer all that fussed either - I've had some great new followers over the last few months including quite a few that I still have little chats with every now and then. And that's what I really wanted from this goal!

002. To reach 1,200 followers on Bloglovin' was the next. Clearly when I made this goal I was not expecting the big Bloglovin' backlash that happened a few months ago, when a lot of bloggers and readers deleted their accounts. Oops. I'm on just under 1000 now so this goal may actually be obtainable - although I have always found it very hard to grow followers on there, so perhaps not.

003. To reach 1,000 followers on Instagram. Grumble grumble. More grumbles. I keep gaining a lot of followers. I also keep losing a lot of followers. I like Instagram, but I suppose I just don't get it as a medium. I don't understand the algorithm, I don't understand any of it!

004. To continue to build connections through twitter. Hoorah! I've succeeded at this one, as already explained in point one. Yay!

005. To find a new method of planning that actually works for me. Um. No. Well, to be fair, I did, and then I started a new job with a new shift pattern and it all went out the window. I'm much more settled now however, so hopefully we're going to see this one improve. Eventually.

Personal Goals
001. To cook something healthy at least twice a month. Oh, gosh. This hasn't happened at all. Sometimes I eat cereal and consider it a meal. Ultimately, I really just haven't had the time to do this one but I don't feel too bad about it. I've started being one of those people that buys their work meals pretty much every single day, and I've got much better at buying healthy options rather than just endless portions of Wasabi, so I'm going to say I consider this one a success even if I've not even slightly done it.

002. To enjoy my work. Well, no. But I also don't not enjoy my work, and that's much better than where I was when I first set up these goals.

003. To make more effort to see certain friends more often. This one is a yes and a no. I'm doing much better at seeing friends more consistently, though this is largely helped by the fact that my shift pattern is much better now. There's some friends I'm still not seeing as often as I would like but this is more of a mutual thing. I'm busy, they've got babies. We try, it's difficult. Hopefully we keep trying!

004. To read more often again. Well, not really. At least, not in the sense that I expected. The intention is clearly there as I keep adding more and more books to my Amazon wishlist, but then I read the free preview on my Kindle and most of the time I'm just not feeling it. However I have a few more magazines that I am now consistently reading (including actual magazines rather than just my occasional copy of OK!)  and I consider this a win as it's much more than I was managing at the start of the year.

005. To  go exploring and keep up my London walks again. I'm actually doing this one! But not in a way that I expected when I proposed this goal. My salary is higher now, so exploring is definitely happening more frequently than I expected it to be. My London walks are also happening - just not in the way that I thought they would. I planned on continuing to do the Capital Ring and the London Loop and I've completely failed at those, however random walks to random places have become a frequent part of my life, so I definitely count this one as a success.

How are you doing on your annual goals so far?

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