Friday, 23 June 2017

Some Blog Stats & Research - The Year So Far!

As we're pretty much half way through the year right now, I decided it might be interesting to do some looking around in my google analytics and have a look at what people have been interested in on the blog in the last six months. So, I took a look at allllll the data from 1st January through to now to have a look at what the most viewed pages are, as well as how people tend to find me.

The results were quite a surprise! The posts that people have engaged with the most and that I still get comments on were not all that high - whilst certain product reviews that I thought people wouldn't be all that interested in have remained consistently in my top 10.

I'll mention right now though that some of these statistics are definitely a little off. I've tinkered with my layout twice this year already and cleverly managed to delete the tracking code both of those times. Hey, at least I remembered to go back to it faster this time! I also get a fair bit of readership through Bloglovin, so I'm not sure to the extent that info from there is tracked.

First of all, the bit that's not massively surprising. My demographics - 41% of people that read this blog are 25-34 which really doesn't surprise me as that's my age bracket too. 82% of readers are female, and 68% of readers are from the UK - again, both of which make sense.

My Most Read Posts
I will start by saying that google likes to include both a desktop link and a mobile link. For ease, I've used these numbers individually as trying to merge everything would take way too long - however, if there's any repeat (and there quite often is!) I've removed the second one so that this doesn't end up being the same post over and over again.

001. My most read post in the last six months has been this review of Hotel Chocolat's Mother's Day collection.Which I am quite happy with and I suppose not too surprised about - it included a giveaway, and I include reviews of Hotel Chocolat products quite a lot here so it doesn't surprise me that other readers are fans of their goodies as well!
002. My review of Simply Cook food boxes has been very well received and has scored highly in both desktop and mobile viewing. What's particularly surprising to me about this one is that this post is from 2014 - which is three houses ago now! Coincidentally, Chris has recently bought a box so maybe I need to make a follow up review soon!
003. My review of Ginger & Mint, a juice bar and health food store is next. I have no regrets with this, they do sell very delicious juices and I only wish I could have them more often!
004. My review of the Body Shop's fresh nude foundation. I am surprised by the appearance of this one, as for starters it's a post from 2015. I also found that on the whole the foundation wasn't that popular a product, and my reviews of their fresh face masks are still quite consistently linked to on twitter etc so I was expecting a Body Shop review to appear here - but probably not this one!
005. My review of the Happiness Planner. I'm actually not too surprised by this one - I know that this is a very popular brand, particularly among bloggers. It was quite hard to find any reviews for this particular product, so it would make sense that mine was one that would pop up. And another big contributor to this is that the Happiness Planner twitter feed does retweet my reviews every now and then, so this is the one out of the top five that I most expected to see.

Most Frequent Searches
Next up, I took a look at what people had been searching for in order to find my posts. I hoped for something funny, but alas, generally the things used to find me are quite straight forward.

001. "Simply Cook review" and "Simply Cook cost" are both very high scorers. I suppose this isn't really a surprise, being that the aforementioned review still receives a surprising amount of views!
002. "Amazonian Acai" is next, which refers to the Body Shop's fresh face mask review that I expected to see featured in the most read posts, but wasn't.
003. "Body shop foundation" and "body shop fresh nude foundation porcelain," were next. Again, unexpected - but makes sense now with the amount of views that this post still gets.
004. "Bomb cosmetics review," is next which is a very big surprise to me as I can't actually remember the last time I bought a product from Bomb Cosmetics, let alone the last time I actually wrote a post about them! Perhaps this is a sign that I need to start buying more?!
005. "Caesar buffet," is next, which refers to a buffet that I reviewed in Caesar's Palace in Vegas.

From this, I can take it that readers like reviews a lot, and also like chocolate (and food in general!) and the body shop. These things I knew! What I am a little disappointed about however, is that a lot of my travel posts haven't popped up particularly highly at all. This surprises me as those posts do get a lot of engagement, and it's a bit of a disappointment to me as they also take absolutely ages to write and edit so I'd really like it if they did do a bit higher. I think one way I can use to try and boost these in the future is to perhaps make them more specific, however that's not really me. I could write a post about the best coffee shops in Copenhagen and it would probably do better than a more generic one - however, I like writing the more generic ones and I also really like reading them on the blogs of others, so I'm probably quite likely to keep just making myself happy and doing things my way even if that is the wrong thing to do!

I've got a few ideas from this, and I'll be posting another update at the end of the year with this as well as stats from the whole year. (Well, for the most part - I've got a few ideas of things to add next time, and obviously I haven't been tracking that yet so I can't fully include it!)

Take a look through your own stats - what surprises you the most?


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