Monday, 3 July 2017

A Trip to Copenhagen - Part 2

 Time for the second half of my Copenhagen trip - and for the most part, this post is going to be a bit more picture heavy than the first one as the second half was largely spent relaxing and taking in just how pretty Copenhagen is. And this time with the added bonus of the sun being out - although it was still generally too cold to get away with taking off the cardigan!

  Part two starts with a walk to find the famous little mermaid statue - with a couple of detours along the way!

 Here she is! It's true that she is quite a walk away from the main parts of Copenhagen - but you absolutely do not need to get a bus there or anything like that. It's a very pleasant walk, it's not as long as people say it is, and you get to take in quite a lot of Copenhagen at the same time. It's also true that she is very small - I went with this expectation and I was still surprised! It's almost impossible to get a decent picture as the backdrop really isn't ideal, but I still thought she was a nice statue, and if you're visiting Copenhagen then you really probably should go and take a look.

  From there, there was more completely unstructured walking around!

 Another day another palace - this time to Rosenborg. Like Christiansborg, you have the option here to look around some of the rooms which did look very beautiful. However the queues were quite long, so we just explored the grounds instead.

 We took a quick trip to Christianshavn, including the area it is most well known for - the commune. And honestly, I didn't like it. I appreciated parts of it - there were some interesting bits of artwork and grafitti, and in principle I do like the idea however in practice I really didn't. I kept hearing about how the atmosphere was great but I didn't see that at all - I just saw a lot of people drunk and people lying on the ground unable to stand from however much alcohol or drugs they'd consumed. I also read a lot about how a lot of the drugs trade had been cleared up in recent years but if that's the case then I can only imagine how bad it must have been before - there were some little drugs stalls set up to be essentially permanent fixtures complete with carefully labelled boxes identifying the exact strains that you could purchase. I can see why some people enjoy it there, but it wasn't for me.

Our trip ended as any trip to Copenhagen should - eating at a restaurant alongside the river in Nyhavn. Despite all the visitors, this place still ended up feeling relaxed.

Overall, would I recommend Copenhagen? Absolutely, yes. It is a beautiful place. The streets are perfectly manicured with plenty of interesting architecture and things to take a look at. The people are very friendly, and it's a nice culture. The food is really good, and it feels like it would be a wonderful place to live.

However - my friends were not kidding. Copenhagen is very small, and you will repeatedly find yourself in the same areas no matter how hard you try to avoid them! This isn't necessarily a bad thing, but it does mean that you really don't need to spend more than a couple of days here to feel like you've seen what you need to see. This is probably a good thing, as it is so expensive. I know the pound has fallen recently, but we were passing places charging essentially £9 for a small brownie.

Have you been to Copenhagen before? What did you think?

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