Friday, 14 July 2017

July's Blog Spotlight Post

It seems that June & July have been a return to the kind of blog posts that I enjoy the most - those personal lifestyle posts that tell you something interesting about the person writing them and give you something to think about. It's also been a return of beauty posts that I've been enjoying - it looks like there's a lot of great products coming out soon and a lot of good advice to be had in the meantime! As such, I'm pleased to say this months' blog spotlight post is much bigger than normal with a grand total of 20 posts that I'm recommending you read this month!

So let's take a look...

001. Jess posted all about her first time on a cruise ship. I've mentioned this before but I find these sorts of posts really interesting as it's something I've been thinking about myself for a long time but am still not entirely certain that I'll enjoy. I enjoy reading these sorts of posts to get a feel for how the experience will be! The above photo is taken from Jess's post.

002. Leah wrote a very helpful post, all about working out where your blog traffic is coming from!

003. Sofie posted all about blogging on a budget.

004. Holly posted about the fact that she's a half-arsed blogger - and why that's okay!

005. And on a similar note, Rebecca posted about the fact that she's NOT  a #girlboss - and why that's okay too!

006. Zohra took a trip to the zoo after hours - something I have been intending to do for literally years but for some reason never actually get around to!

007. Chloe posted her review about the Urban Decay Naked Heat palette. And dammit, I now NEED this palette as a result of this post!

008. Tenneil posted all about how her relationship with beauty has changed.

009. Another from Chloe - this time a guide to how to use your beauty blender!

010. Jordan went to Thorpe Park, and took some absolutely gorgeous photos!

011. Angie went to Santorini - and it looks beautiful! The above photo is taken from her post.

012. Trona posted all about what women over 35 should be wearing.

013. Another from Rebecca - this time all about how to stay true to the blogging world when you no longer feel like you fit in with it.

014. And on the opposite side of the world, Milly went to Alabama!

015. Rachel wrote a post all about why she gave up on modelling.

016. Another from Angie - this time visiting the secret garden within the Four Seasons.

017. Meanwhile, Carrie went to Vegas and took a look around some motels!

018. Rhianna posted a guide as to how much you should be charging for your sponsored content.

019. Yet another one from Chloe - this time looking at media packs!

020. And finally this month, a post from Amber - looking at pregnancy, body image and loss of identity.

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