Monday, 28 August 2017

Beauty Review: Barry M Gelly Hi Shine Nail Paint

Now that I'm in a job that actually allows me to wear nail polish again, I've recently been on the hunt to find something amazing. I should start by saying that my standards are probably higher than most for a very simple reason - my work. I work in an environment that is not remotely good for nail polish health, because a lot of what I do involves basically sticking my hands inside of trains. That means a lot of catching them on random corners and other sharp bits of machinery and lots of getting them covered in oil and whatever other chemicals trains like to create. None of which, of course, is ideal for keeping your nail varnish looking on top form.

I've sampled a fair few different brands in the last few weeks and most of the ones I've tried have had lovely colours but just haven't quite been up to the standards that I need to keep them looking good. Again, I know my circumstances aren't great for nail quality, but I've been surprised to find that some of even the more expensive brands just don't last for more than a day before beginning to fall apart.

However, I'm pleased to report back that I have found two different brands that have both beautiful colours and have lasted a minimum of five days on my nails with no problems whatsoever - and even then, they tend to only come off because I'm ready for a change of colour! So this week and next week, I'll be sharing with you the two brands that I've found that create pretty colours with lots of durability.

 I'm a little surprised to tell you that the first of my long lasting colours has been the Barry M Gelly Hi Shine Nail Paint. The surprise doesn't come from the brand - I think Barry M is great - but from the fact that out of all the brands I've tried, the nail polishes that cost just £3.99 have been one of the absolute best. To be fair in each test, I always used the base coat/top coat made by the same brand to fully test their range.

 The first colour I used actually became my favourite - Blueberry. This is a really pretty sky blue that manages to be an unusual colour whilst still looking great. Out of all the nail polishes that I've been using, including those I'll be showing you next week, this has been the colour that I've reapplied more than any other. It's just SUCH a pretty colour, and so high shine.

 The second colour I tried was Pink Lemonade. And to be honest, I didn't keep this colour for more than a day. It's nothing against the quality of the polish at all, I just simply didn't like the colour as much as I expected to. I had a feeling it may go that way when I purchased it but remained optimistic, and I just don't like how it looks against my skin tone.

 And finally, Pomegranate! This colour is a little redder than it appears in the bottle which was originally a disappointment to me as I was looking forward to a really vibrant hot pink, but actually this colour is one that really grew on me.

Overall, I absolutely love these shades. I would say that the base/top coat takes quite a long time to dry compared to other products, but it does the job and I suppose that's what matters. But I am a huge fan of the colours of the polishes themselves, and especially of how long they last. I have consistently worn these without problems, maybe getting a tiny chip by day six but small enough that only I'm going to notice.

I found that application wasn't amazing with these - on applying the first coat these never seem to apply particularly well and I wasn't feeling very optimistic the first time I used them. However, the second coat seems to sort this out and you're left with a lovely super shiny finish.

More than anything, I love the fact that these are such good quality for such a low price. £3.99 is an amazing price for colours that last so long, and can be removed so easily. I would put these as my second favourite brand overall (of course, tune in next week for the winner!) and that's largely because I feel they could really do with a bigger variety of colours. Right now, I feel like there's not too many that I really want, and I hope that the colour range is extended in the future because this is a lovely formula.

Want to buy some of your own? They are available for just £3.99 from Superdrug, here!

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