Friday, 13 October 2017

October's Blog Spotlight Post

October and September have been very busy months for me. After Costa Rica, relentless jet lag, actually doing overtime at work (WHY?!) and lots of events going on, finding the time to actually comment on posts I've enjoyed reading has been really limited this month.

But, that being said, here's 16 posts I've enjoyed recently that I'd recommend you check out!

001. Chloe wrote a post all about media packs, and why you need one. (And in case it wasn't obvious from her name all over it - the above image is from her blog too!)

002. Jemma wrote a post all about the 5 ways her Instagram has changed this year.

003. Scarlett wrote about the 8 global getaways she'd recommend.

004. Whilst Carrie was writing all about her trip to Bergen, in Norway!

005. Holly made an interesting post all about levelling up in the blogging industry.

006. Paige posted all about her trip to Ibiza - and I think I definitely need to return there soon!

007. You've probably seen this post by now already, but if not, Grace's post about the lack of diversity in blogging is definitely a worthwhile read!

008. Becky went to a brunch for the launch of Tanya Burr Cosmetics new range - and it looks amazing!

009. While many of us seem to be having issues with Instagram lately, Hayley's fallen back in love with it - and here's why!

010. Jordan went to a very beautiful looking hotel - and obviously, wore something amazing!

011. Cat updated about daily posting on Instagram.

012. Jess made a post about the 6 common misconceptions people have about travel bloggers.

013. Another one from Hayley - this time looking at why your blog is important to somebody.

014. Milly went to Snaps & Rye and it looks SO GOOD!

015. Abbi posted a beautiful post about her trip to Disneyland Paris - and this makes me more excited to be going next month!

016. Vix ponders over whether you can really know someone if you haven't been on holiday with them.

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