Friday, 10 November 2017

Hotel Chocolat's Chocolate Tasting Club Review

I was recently sent this delicious Classic box from Hotel Chocolat's Tasting Club, and I thought it was about time I told you all about it!

 But before I get on to the specifics of the box, let me just throw in a mention for these lovely little things! This bag of Gemstones were included in the delivery and they are absolutely delicious. I'd not seen these before so they were completely new to me, but they were a hit with everyone I allowed to take a teeny sample of! They are a mix of white and dark chocolate but are really nice to everybody, including people like me who don't like dark chocolate - and to friends who are the opposite and for some reason can't stand white!

  Anyway, let's get on to the box.

 First of all, what is the Tasting Club? Well, that is very easy to explain! It's a monthly box of delicious Hotel Chocolat goodies sent out to you, generally including a mix of chocolates that aren't yet available in store.

  I was quite a long time subscriber to the club, although the box I normally went with was what is now their Mellow box, which was exclusively chocolates without any alcohol in. This one also had the bonus that you get a big chocolate slab in each box as well! One of the reasons I really enjoyed the boxes is that you got some really creative and interesting chocolates in the mix that you weren't always sure how to feel about but certainly added to the experience! I can't honestly remember why I stopped subscribing in the first place, but I was receiving my boxes for well over a year!

 This time around though, Hotel Chocolat very kindly sent me their Classic box. Unsurprisingly, this is their most popular box, and includes a little bit of everything - a mix of milk chocolates, dark chocolates, and - unfortunately! - alcoholic chocolates.

 One of my favourites within this box was the Banofee Pie. I was on my own with this choice of favourite as no one else could quite understand why I was willingly eating a chocolate with banana in it, but I really liked it! It was certainly an unusual flavour and I probably wouldn't make a habit of eating them too often, but I thought it was delicious. For a more classic taste, I also really enjoyed the Supermilk Caesar and of course, the Caramel Chocolate Pot is always going to be one of the winners. Obviously I didn't eat the alcohol based ones, but I'm informed that they were good too!

 If you'd like to subscribe, head over to this page! The normal price for a box is £22.95, but your first box is £9.95 and includes a free gift in the form of those lovely gemstones I mentioned at the top of this post!

 Would I recommend subscribing? If you love Hotel Chocolat and are particularly fond of the idea of having much more chocolate in your life, then yes, of course! As mentioned already, I was a subscriber for well over a year and I don't think I ever received a box that disappointed me.


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