Saturday, 25 November 2017

Where To Include in Your West Coast USA Trip

It's been just over a year now since I returned from my second west coast road trip, and I decided it was probably about time to sum it all up.

As such here - in no particular order - are my recommendations of the 10 places that you should DEFINITELY try to include if you're going to be taking a visit to the west coast USA!

001. Zion National Park
Beautiful Zion, my absolute favourite of all the national parks I've visited. It's interesting, it offers amazing views, and you'll see the most vibrant and beautiful colours and scenes. It's a lovely place to explore and offers so many great hikes, whether you'd like to conquer the infamous Angel's Landing or something a little more laid back. Here's some photos from my trip! (The above photo is one from Zion too!)

002. Las Vegas
Before I visited myself I really didn't expect to find myself saying this, but EVERYONE likes Vegas. Everyone. This is a city in which there is truly something for everybody to enjoy, whether you want to go gambling, see a show, eat way too much food in the buffets, go shopping, or just have a walk down the strip. Plan to spend a little longer than you think you'll need here if it's your first trip, and you'll probably still find yourself adding ideas for next time. Here's a little bit on my visit!

003. Bodie
Have you ever been to a ghost town? If you haven't, this one is absolutely the place to start. Bodie is a maintained abandoned town that you should DEFINITELY visit, especially if you'd like to take some really cool photos. My photos from this stop are some of my favourites, and it's so fascinating to visit. Definitely pay for the little info pack as it will add a lot to your experience! Take a look at my trip here.

004. Joshua Tree National Park
Joshua Tree is easily my second favourite of the national parks - and probably the one that I feel is the most overlooked. For some reason, people just don't seem to come to this park. It's an odd one to explore as it's not as well labelled as many of the others and you'll find yourself driving around and just stumbling upon something interesting - but I loved it there! It's quiet, you'll have plenty of time by yourself taking good photos without lots of other people around. Take a look at my trip here!

005. Disneyland Park
Obviously, I'm going to tell you that you need to head over to the original Disneyland! It's only a small park and is nothing compared to the monster that is Orlando - but it's got a lot of charm of it's own and is definitely worth spending a day or two in. I would recommend visiting both of the parks here, but if you're short on time then you can skip California Adventure for now.

006. Scottsdale
Scottsdale was one of our favourite cities that we visited. It has such a charm about it, and lots to take a look at and explore. It's also nice to visit as I don't think you need to spend a particularly long time here to feel like you've seen a lot. However, be prepared for the fact that it is SO hideously hot! Here's a look at my trip.

007. San Diego
I went to San Diego with fairly low expectations. We'd been looking for ideas of things to do there and nothing was really jumping out at us. However, ultimately we didn't really need it to - it's a lovely and calm place to just walk around and explore, and the beaches are SO nice.

008. San Francisco
What do I need to say about San Francisco that you don't already know? San Francisco, home of hilarious sea lions, beautiful and colourful houses, and more avocado based brunches than you ever could have dreamed of! Really, the only issue with San Francisco is that it's bloody expensive, so be prepared to dip into the savings a bit if you're stopping off here - but really, if you're in California, this is a stop that it would be unreasonable to miss! Take a look at my post in it here.

009. Morro Bay
Morro Bay is a bit of an odd one to include in a way, as it's not one that many people seem to visit. But it's such a lovely place to go! It's small and quiet, but I think it has a lot to offer if you'd like to take a little relaxing stop off after all the bustle of the big cities. Plus, it has some absolutely amazing restaurants, especially if you like fish! Take a look at my post on it here.

010. Monument Valley
I went to Monument Valley expecting to be disappointed, but that absolutely was not the case. What a fascinating place! As well as all the incredible structures and views, there's so much to learn there. Plan extra time so you can take the time to really take in all the information! Here's a bit on my trip.

Where would you recommend people go on a west coast trip?

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