Wednesday, 6 December 2017

Ciate Mini Mani Month 2017 - Days 1-5

 Though I love the concept of the beauty or alternative advent calendar, this year I just wasn't really planning on buying one. I've bought them before and though I've got some lovely products out of them, for the most part I've ended up with drawers full of products that I never actually used. I looked through all the offerings this year and saw so many beautiful calendars, but nothing was quite sticking out to me as being worth the risk.

  However, this year you've probably noticed that I've become a big fan of the nail polish, and Ciate have become my brand of choice due to the big variety of interesting and beautiful colours that they sell. As such I decided to pick up their Mini Mani Month advent calendar, and well, you'll just have to read on to see what I think of it so far! Here's what the first five days have contained... (and click the name of any product if you want to go and buy a bottle of it yourself!)

 Day one provided Midnight In Paris, a dark glittery shade. I wasn't initially sure that I'd like this colour as it is very dark and my darker polishes don't get much wear - but this colour is actually beautiful. It applies as an inky blue colour with glitter and shimmer in blues and whites. It's actually a gorgeous colour and applies much nicer than it looks like it will from the bottle! Though I don't wear darks very often, I REALLY like this, and it's a definite keeper.

 Day two provided Cabaret, and spoiler alert: this is already one of my favourite nail polishes. What an absolutely beautiful colour! It's a stunning purpley-pink and I fell in love with it immediately. It's a beautifully versatile shade and the colour is perfect. Obviously a keeper!

 Day three doesn't get any swatches - it's a top coat! I was pleased to receive this as I'm running low on my normal one and had wanted to give Ciate's a try anyway. I wish the bottle was a bit bigger - I have no issue with the polishes being teeny, but something like a top coat really needs to be in a bigger size than this as you're going to be using it pretty much every time you apply your varnishes! I don't like how this one applies as it feels a bit streaky as it goes on, but it's super shiny and looks good when it's on. A keeper!

 Day 4 provided Part Time Mermaid, a colour that I was looking forward to trying as I'd seen it all over Instagram. In the bottle it looks like a beautiful pearlescent aquamarine shade, but I didn't completely love how it looked on. For starters it took quite a few layers to get this one looking nice - most of my nails needed four coats, and I find it was more likely to have chips or uneven points than the other colours too. It didn't look anywhere near as pearlescent when actually on my nails, but it's still a nice colour. I definitely look at it and get a mermaid vibe from it, and I'm still going to be keeping it - it just won't be joining my list of favourite blues!

 Our final shade in this set was Locket, a light silver colour with big glitter chunks in it. I didn't think I'd like this colour too much, but actually it applies really well. It's not as over the top as I'd feared it would be - you definitely notice the chunks, but they aren't as in your face as I'd thought they would be. I don't know if this is the sort of polish I'll be going for particularly frequently, but it's very pretty and a keeper for sure!

 So there you have days 1-5, and as you can see - a definite success! I LOVE this box so far. It's got a great variety of colours and I'm actually really looking forward to opening up the box each day. There are some beautiful colours in here, some of which I probably wouldn't have purchased if I hadn't received them in the calendar but love all the same.

Which colour is your favourite so far? And if you'd love to give Ciate a try but aren't quite sold on any of these shades, check out LookFantastic's full stock here!

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