Friday, 15 December 2017

Ciate Mini Mani Month 2017 - Days 6-10

 Last week I updated with the first 5 days of my Ciate advent calendar - and now it's time for part two!

  It's been quite tiring having to change and swatch my nail colour almost every day, but actually I haven't minded the experience at all. Apart from one day when a colour just WOULD NOT come off, it's not been anywhere near as problematic as I thought it might become.

  As always, if you're following me on Instagram you'll get to see my daily unboxing on my InstaStories - but now let's get on to the proper swatches and reviews for days 6-10.

 Day #6 contained Moonlit Whispers, and HOLY WOW this colour is beautiful. From the second I pulled out the little bottle I was in love with the colour, but didn't really expect it to translate too well to the nail. I was amazed by how pretty and vibrant it was with a whole variety of blue, purple and green tones to it. I'm also very disappointed to tell you that this shade is an exclusive to the calendar - otherwise I would already have gone out and got a full size bottle for myself! If you get the chance to get hold of this colour I absolutely would recommend it.

 Day #7 contained Beach Please, a gorgeous shade that falls between a pink and a red depending on your lighting. It's super shiny and a lovely colour - this is actually the shade that I've had the most compliments on so far!

 Day #8 contained Desert Lights. From the bottle, I expected this to be quite a purpley shade, but on the nail it's actually far more of a silver with a slight purple tint to it. I don't actually mind this, I probably prefer it how it looks on the nail to how it looks in the bottle, but do bear this in mind if you're considering buying this shade or you'll probably be disappointed!

 Day #9 contained The Naked Truth, and is the first colour I don't really like all that much. I love how this colour looks in the bottle and on it's own, but on me I find these sort of shades just clash with my skin tone. I want to be able to wear a colour like this, but ultimately they just don't suit me unfortunately!

 Day #10 contained What The Shell, and this is the first colour I have really mixed opinions of. First of all, I should state that this colour is much more of a vibrant purple than it looks in photos - despite best efforts and trying every room in the flat, the camera REALLY wants to give it a blue tint that it just doesn't have in real life. When I pulled this colour out I was in love with it immediately. It's probably the prettiest purple I've ever seen. HOWEVER... I just don't think it looks great as a nail polish? The colour is beautiful on it's own, but when I'm actually wearing it something isn't quite right about it. If you like wearing purples though, do buy this, it is a stunning shade.

Week two is complete and I am still SO happy with this calendar. At the time of writing I'm on the next week of polishes and the best is yet to come - but I'm so happy with the colours I've been receiving. This calendar has been so consistently good, and I already know I want to buy it again next year!

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