Thursday, 14 December 2017

December's Blog Spotlight Post

It's that time again - here are 10 posts that I've enjoyed reading lately, that I'd recommend you go and peek a look at too!

Also, coming soon - it's no secret that I love Instagram, so I'm going to start doing one of these for Instagram too. My blog spotlight posts seem to have started being every other month - so on that in-between month, I'm going to include some top Instagram choices for you to take a peek at too :-)

001. Katy took a trip to Japan, and has 11 tips for first time visitors. The above photo is from her post, too!

002. Amber is doing a series on the good, the bad and the awkward things that are happening to her - and I'm really enjoying reading them!

003. Scarlett met Nicky Clarke - and then updated a fabulous post full of hair care secrets!

004. Millie has just come back from Mexico, and has some suggestions on what Mayan ruins you should take a trip to!

005. Beth is considering whether or not bloggers should be relatable.

006. Amanda has some recommendations on what Iceland tours are worth doing.

007. Erica has some advice on doing a Disney park when you're in your 30s.

008. Another from Amber - this time looking at her gorgeous new nursery!

009. And another from Scarlett - this time looking at the global getaways she'd most recommend.

010. Finally, one from Josie on why the Maldives will always be special to her.

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