Thursday, 7 December 2017

December's Fashion Favourites

If you're a regular visitor over here, you'll probably have noticed I just don't do as many fashion posts as I used to. And the reason for this is unfortunately quite straight forward - I just haven't really been all that impressed with what a lot of stores have been putting out there lately. Stores have been featuring the same old colours and the same old styles over and over again and I've been struggling to create a wish list at all that I could genuinely say that I wanted to buy the items on it.

I am glad to say that December has changed that - finally, there's a bit of variety back! Take a look through the below choices to see what my recommendations are for the month. Clicking any link will take you through to the item itself via shopstylecollective - but I assure you that all items have been chosen because I genuinely like them and want to buy them!

Let's start with Oasis, my long term favourite fashion store but also the one I haven't really bought too much from lately. Luckily, this year Oasis is back with the beautiful light jumpers that I love from them, as well as a gorgeous fairytale range which includes lots of bright colours and florals.

Apricot is another of my most loved stores - and I've already made a sneaky little order of some of these! Normally the reason I love Apricot is actually because of their bright and unusual patterns - but this time around I've found myself drawn to their darker shades and their greys. If the choices below don't appeal to you, I really would recommend taking a look through - there are lots of really nice options available there right now!

Lipsy is a store I haven't bought from in a while - but I think that's going to change! I LOVE the dress in the middle so much, but I can't quite work out whether or not I want to buy it. Well, I know I WANT to buy it, but it's one of those dresses I'm not sure I'll ever quite have the right occasion to wear it for!

River Island are another store offering lots of deep colours - including a lot of Burgundy shades, which I am very much enjoying! I think I'm going to make a purchase of the first top shown below - it's just so pretty and such a great shape and colour!

I'm never sure how I feel about Missguided. I really want to love them, but I'm yet to actually buy anything from them. I'm really enjoying some of the party dresses they're bringing out right now though, so I think this may change soon! New Look are another one bringing out the darks - take a look through their site if you're looking for some pretty heeled sandals as well, particularly if it's a darker colour you're interested in!


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