Wednesday, 20 December 2017

Review: 2018 Happiness Planner

 At the very beginning of this year, I posted a review all about Happiness Planners' 52 Week Journal which you can read here. I'd had a bit of a dilemma between whether to get the 52 week option or the full planner, but ultimately decided I'd almost certainly stop writing half way through and so the 52 week option would be more sensible for me. And...uh...that's exactly what happened. And yet, somehow, here we are after me being unable to resist a purchase of the full journal this time!

  This is the lux version in white and rose gold. If I'm being honest I don't know how big the difference is between the lux version and the regular one, but the colours I wanted were out of stock so I went for the upgraded version!

  If you don't know what a Happiness Planner is, it's essentially a daily journal that focuses on improving your overall happiness and wellbeing. I've had a really rough few months (can't wait to be able to talk to you all about what's been going on!) and figured something like this would be helpful in focusing on pulling myself back up again. Plus, you know, it fulfils my desire to overwrite about absolutely everything...!

 As with the 52 Week Journal, the planner comes with a couple of pull out pieces, including 2017 reflections and goals. This year I didn't actually fill any of these out and I'm not sure I will this year either, but it's a nice idea if you are interested in doing it.

 I was pleased to see the return of the little paperclips, even though I didn't use a single one of them last year! This year the planner has also come with a rose gold pen that feels pretty sturdy and two bigger clips. I want to keep the pen clipped on to the journal, but I also want to take it to work with me just because it's so pretty.

 An obvious difference between the two planners is that this one is categorised by months rather than by week number. It all looks good - you won't hear me criticise anything about how this planner looks!

 As with the 52 Week Journal, the planner begins with a number of pages where you write all about yourself, your favourite things about yourself, what makes you happy, etc etc. It's almost exactly the same as this years' one, except with an extra three pages. I'd have liked to see a bit more difference here, but I really enjoyed filling this section out this year and it's a good idea.

 Before each month, the planner begins with a plan for the month. This includes sections for things such as goals, and what you're excited for. It's nice to have this section but I actually would have liked this to be a bit bigger - that being said the planner is already probably more than big enough!

 Each day has its own page for reflection. It includes your to do list, your main focus, your meals, etc. This is a big difference from the 52 Week journal, as the 52 Week version just has a page per week. I'm still a little worried I won't actually fill out all the sections, but I suppose it's not the most important thing in the world if I don't. It's very well laid out and pretty, and the Notes section is big enough that you can use it for something else if the section you want isn't included.

At the end of each month is this review section. Like the 52 Week Journal, you can score yourself and your mood over the month. This was something I really liked about the 52 Week Version - I really liked tracking myself and my mood over the weeks. There are sections to include what you've learned, what your struggles were and how you overcame them - I really like this section!

So, that's the Happiness Planner for 2018! What do you think?

Obviously I can't fully review this yet, as I haven't actually started to use it. It's definitely a big step up from the 52 Week Planner that I used this year, but we'll see how much of it I actually do fill out! I really like the look and feel of it and it's definitely a well built journal, I just hope I have the commitment to stick to filling it out.

You can go and buy your own journal here! The planner starts at £40.

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