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MAC Snowball Mini Lipstick Kit Review

I've mentioned probably countless times on this blog that I'm really not a lipstick wearer. I want to be a lipstick wearer, but I've had a lifetime of looking so stupid with whatever colour I try to put on that I just don't bother with it. Even lipglosses or coloured lip seal immediately make me look so ridiculous that for the last few years I just gave in and trying and watched beauty YouTubers in quiet jealousy instead.

Despite all this, when I saw MAC's Snowball Mini Lipstick kit I decided I just had to give it a go. There were so many MAC colours that I wanted to try, and as this kit is a collection of mini versions of their most popular shades it seemed like the perfect choice as surely something in the mix would work for me!

My first impressions of the set were very positive. To start with, it's in the most beautiful box! I had cleared out a space in my make up drawer so that there would be room for all the lipsticks, but I love the way the set is presented so much that I decided to just keep them all as they are. And the lipsticks themselves are presented beautifully as well in a lovely little spectrum.

  The kit contains a total of 12 mini lipsticks, 10 of which are some of MAC's most loved shades and 2 of which are set exclusives. I was worried about how the sizing would be as I've read negative things about miniatures, but actually I think the size is just perfect. You still have more than enough product in each one and they're a great size to fit into any bag or coat pocket you have. As well as that, I actually think that the size makes application much easier when it comes to creating clean lines and avoiding any smudges. The lipsticks feel sturdy and I don't feel like the sticks themselves are going to slip over or start breaking any time soon!

I also have to say that I REALLY like the formula of these. I've tried on every single one of them now, and they all have a lovely creamy feel to them and apply so easily. I definitely don't have the problem with these lipsticks that I used to have - they go on evenly and nicely and there wasn't a single lipstick that I had trouble with. (Not that I'm saying they all suited me, of course...!)

They are also pretty durable - without eating or drinking, I easily got a good four hours of wear out of all of them without them looking any less perfect than they did when I first applied them. I'm sure some of them would happily last longer than that too but, well, eating is important to me so I didn't get to find that far out!

Here are the swatches! From left to right we've got...
Party Commencing // Little Darling // Please Me // Mangrove // Ruby Woo // Rebel // Flat Out Fab // Good Kisser // Diva // Velvet Teddy // Whirl // Stone.

You can buy all but the first two colours in full size from Selfridges for £16.50, here!

Of all of the colours, I was surprised by which ones ended up becoming my favourites. I'd gone in with really high expectations about Ruby Woo and Velvet Teddy as they are the colours I've probably heard the most about. Velvet Teddy DID become one of my favourites and has been my most worn colour, however when it came to the reds it was Mangrove that I felt suited me much more.

I was also really surprised by just how much Rebel suited me! I would absolutely never have picked up a colour like that, and when it came to trying that one on we all joked about the fact I'd have to pick a day when I wasn't going to be leaving the house too much as we thought it would look ridiculous. And yet, oddly, despite it being a very striking purple and me being very pale - it just worked! That was a colour I'd have never even thought about without this set.

When it comes to those colours that I didn't like so much, it came down to the two colours on the opposite side of the spectrum. It was a resounding agreement that Stone did not look good on me at all, and I really didn't like how Party Commencing looked on me at all but had mixed reactions to that one.

Overall, I am really pleased with this set and am glad that I got it. It's introduced me to some lovely colours and I am loving the formula of these lipsticks - and it's given me the confidence to actually have some beautiful colours to be able to wear outside of the house!

This set is limited edition but at the time of writing you can still pick your own set up! They are £85 and you can pick them up here, from John Lewis. I think these are a perfect kit if you're like me and not too used to lipstick and don't quite know where to start when it comes to MAC colours - but equally, if you're already a MAC addict and just want to grow your collection this is probably a perfect choice too!

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