Tuesday, 16 January 2018

Why I'm Not Setting Any Goals This Year

It's normally around this time of year that I like to make a whole little series of posts looking back over the past year, looking at what goals I'd set for myself were and how close I came to accomplishing them, and setting myself some targets for the following year.

This year? Nothing.

I honestly thought I would. I started trying to plan a goals post about two months ago, but nothing I came up with quite felt right. I've looked at the lists other bloggers have posted, and I've encouraged them on their goals. I've tried again to sit down and write mine out, and again, it just hasn't felt right.

This year, I'm not going to be setting myself any goals or targets. This year, the only goal I actually have is to just get through the year and to improve, in whatever way seems right at the time.

I don't want to set myself any social media targets this year. I think it takes all the fun out of it, and towards the end of the year in particular it makes me feel like I'm suddenly overusing Twitter in the hopes that I get a few more followers so I can reach whatever target I have, and I'm not really about that. If I don't have anything of use to say, then I'd rather not try and force myself into something I'm not really feeling. I feel like I'm one of the few people who still really likes Instagram, but I sure as hell don't understand that platform. Like everyone else, I gain 30 followers one day but lose 45 the next. There's no real point trying to grow on a platform I don't really understand, when I'd much rather just continue to post photos that I like and look at feeds that I enjoy. And Pinterest? Every year I try and grow on a platform that I just don't enjoy at all and don't like spending time on - what's the point?!

I don't want to set myself any blogging targets either. I always start the year super organised, and honestly, I think that makes me a worse blogger. I find myself forced to write about topics and posts I'm not really feeling interested in, or trying to ensure that posts are evenly spread out so there's not a sudden influx on topics along the same lines. Actually, when it comes to blogging I work best when there isn't a schedule, when I'm writing because I want to write. It's odd as the rest of my life is typically hyper organised, but in this context I'm much better when it's more in the moment. And I think that's just fine - it'll mean I'm going to continue getting enjoyment from writing rather than feel burdened.

I'm certainly not going to try and set myself any blogger chat targets. I enjoy them, when I see them happening. And I really would love to form some better relationships with some more bloggers, but part of working shifts means that unfortunately that is just much more difficult for me. And there's not really anything I can do about that!

How about when we leave the topic of blogging? 

Well, I'm not really planning on starting any targets there either. I'd love to set myself a target to cook a healthy meal once a week, but I know full well I'm not actually going to stick to it and all that will happen is I'll get a bit annoyed with myself and feel like a bit of a failure for not sticking to it. So I'm going to continue to try, with no real target in mind. I'll feel good when I do it, and I'll feel like maybe I should try a bit harder when I don't. But this year, no. more arbitrary amounts that I suddenly decide are the amount I should be aiming for.

It's the same with the gym - I'm not going to try and make myself go a certain amount of times a week this year. Because I'll do it, and I'll hit the targets, but I'll have a crap time. I want to go more often, but when I want to. I know I don't enjoy the gym in general, so I want to find more classes that I like, and I want to WANT to go to them. But I don't want to force myself to go at all, because I'll just have a bad time and dread going the next time.

This year, the only goals I'm setting are going to be pretty open. I want to keep making an effort to see my good friends - the friends who are making an effort to see me, and who have helped through a pretty shit couple of months. I want to try and cut down on spending a bit, but I'm not going to stop myself buying anything at all. I'd like to explore more avenues of where I could change and specialise at work, but I'm not exactly rushing myself to actually move into any of those departments. And that's about it, and I'm happy with it like that.

How about you? Are you planning on setting yourself any targets for this year?


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