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Barry M Under The Sea Nail Polish Collection Review

 If there's one beauty product that I really love, it's nail polish. I like to change mine up 2-3 times a week and have a somewhat ridiculous collection of colours - but my absolute favourite type of polish to wear is anything pearlescent. I LOVE wearing unique colours that change shade and look interesting throughout the day, and so I was really excited to give Barry M's new Under The Sea collection a go. I'd actually told myself I wouldn't buy any new shades for a few months as I definitely overdid it last year, but I just couldn't resist this collection - especially as Barry M are one of my favourite nail polish brands! And as they're super affordable (only £3.99 each!) I figured well, why not!

  The Under The Sea collection is a mermaid inspired set of four colour shifting tones. And as you can see, they look absolutely beautiful all bottled up!

  I gave these colours a try over the week - and they're a fantastic formula, as always. They go on very easily - my only very minor complaint is that the brush strokes are pretty visible on these ones, but I by no means think that should stop you from buying any of them!

   I will say that the colours do not come out quite as bright as the bottle makes them look. I was expecting super vibrant colours and in all honesty was a little disappointed when I first put them on as I was hoping for something a bit more neon - but actually, the fact that the tones are a little more muted than I initially expected really grew on me. Despite being brightly coloured they are actually very wearable and don't stand out as much as I expected them to - but still offer a lot of novelty, and the shade difference is very obvious and beautiful!

  As always with Barry M nail polishes, they're very durable - one nail chipped quite quickly but I think that's probably my fault as the others lasted quite happily over the week. With all of the colours you really need at least three coats to get the prettiest effect.

  Let's take a closer look...
First up we've got Pinktail, and let's be real, this polish is the reason I so urgently wanted this collection. The pink and orange combination is something I don't have any colour even slightly close to and I was so excited to give this one a try. It's not quite as bright as I expected from the bottle, but it's a really beautiful shade and you'll be surprised by how wearable it is. In fact, I'm wearing it right now! I've been surprised by just how flattering this one actually is, and both the pink and the orange tones to it are really beautiful and blend together so nicely. I had the highest expectations for this one, and it definitely pulled through.

 Next up we have Butterfly Fish, and this is actually the colour I was least looking forward to as I thought it would be too similar to Ciate's Part Time Mermaid, however it's actually very different. I'd say that this colour is the one that looks most similar on the nail as it does in the bottle and the blues and purples go together so nicely. This one actually became my second favourite, and is definitely the most vibrant of the set.

 Next up is Angelfish, and I'd say this one is the most disappointing of the set. Don't get me wrong, it's definitely still a very pretty colour, however it just doesn't quite stand out as much as the others do. This one is more of a peachy colour and while it's very flattering and attractive it just isn't as two-toned as the others which I found to be disappointing. If it was part of a different set I'd probably love it, and I'll definitely still wear it, but it just doesn't mesh into the collection quite as well as the others. Still a lovely tone though!

  The final colour is Jellyfish, and unfortunately there's no swatch for this one as something went wrong when editing! However, it's the first polish that you see in the photo below and is purple with green highlights to it. This is another one that's much more subtle than you'd expect - but is very nice! This one reminds me a lot of Ciate's Desert Lights so if you already own that one you probably don't need this one - but it's a very pretty colour all the same!

 As you can probably tell, I am very happy with this collection. Barry M make such wonderful and affordable nail products anyway, and I'm so pleased to see brands trying out more creative colours and combinations. And for only £3.99, is there really anything stopping you from picking up at least one?!

If you'd like to buy one of your own, you can grab one for £3.99 from Superdrug, here!

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