Monday, 26 February 2018

Benefit's Brow Zings - For Beautiful Eyebrows!

 So I have a bit of a beauty confession for you.

Until a few weeks ago, I had never attempted to do anything with my eyebrows.

  I know. I know.

  I get them waxed, and occasionally if the waxing lady isn't available I grimace my way through a bit of threading, but aside from that I've always left them alone. Then a few weeks ago I decided to pick up an eyebrow pencil, carefully applied it, and laughed at myself as I looked like a ridiculous clown despite my best efforts.

  But once I'd got over that, I headed off to Debenhams to see if someone would be available to help me figure out what on earth I should be doing them. Now when I think of eyebrows, I most definitely think of Benefit, and so I wasn't at all surprised to find out it was them with the biggest range of eyebrow goodies to try out.

 I was pretty clear with the Benefit girl. I wanted something that would make my eyebrows look better, but that I had no talent whatsoever and I wanted something that was going to be pretty foolproof. She got rid of the eyebrow pencil straight away and showed me the BrowZings and the Ka-Brow, but ultimately said she thought the BrowZings were going to be closer to what I was looking for. She showed me how to apply it, quite easily upsold me to get some setter as well, and off I went!

And honestly? I really like it. I don't know how I went so long without doing my eyebrows. I always thought they looked fine, but now that they're looking back at me all naked I'm not sure how I ever kept them this way!

As you can see, your little box of Brow Zings gets you a wax and some powder, as well as a cute little brush. The Benefit girl explained to me that if you're short of time you can just dip it into the wax and straight into the powder in one go and that's how she applied mine, but I've been doing it individually. It makes such a difference! The wax is clearly tinted anyway so as well as setting your brows nicely it gets started with shading it all, and then the powder fills it out a bit.

I really like this set as it really is fool proof. You don't have to be overly careful with how you're applying it so it's not totally time consuming - I can do mine in less than five minutes easily. It's not the full coverage look you'll get with some other products but it's also far less hassle to apply and it doesn't matter if I do a rush job.

I don't wear make up daily, at all. If I'm not doing a full look but still want to put something on, I'll normally just stick on some powder and some mascara. Well, this little product has definitely added itself to my quick routine. It just makes such a difference and I'm so happy I decided to pick it up!

You can grab your own here, for £26.50!

In addition to the powder, I also got this 24 hour brow setter. It's a clear gel that shapes the brows somewhat and locks your make up on.

I've never actually worn the powder without this as it takes literally seconds to apply, so I can't fairly comment on how well it keeps your make up on as opposed to without using it. I've also used it a few times without the powder itself as it does a good job of shaping when you're short on time but still want to do something to them.

The brow setter costs £20 and you can pick up your own here!

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